Presenting the definitive CBQOL (CAMP Builders Quality of Life) items wishlist

fallout 2 - Presenting the definitive CBQOL (CAMP Builders Quality of Life) items wishlist


The quality of life improvements rolling out have been amazing and well appreciated. But in doing a lot of building lately there are some things that a lot of us would absolutely love (and yes we get that they would be Atomic Shop purchases).

1: With summer coming, please oh please give us a proper swimming pool. The Orwell Orchards swimming pool is a beautiful model and even has what looks like a little hot tub or simply a waterfall on the side. A clean water variant we could put in our camp or our shelter would be amazing.

2: 1/2 walls. In shelters there are some rooms you can fully wall off and customize, but 1/2 walls would allow for more flexibility when you can fit a full wall because of jutting out pipes or beams. Additionally, there is a 1/2 floor but it's only wood. I've had to use it in some spots, but it would be great if it was skinned so you can match the rest of the flooring.

3: Spiral staircases or more flexible options with stairs. 1/4 or 1/2 height stairs would be good for more customized building. Ideally remove the requirement that a stairs case must be attached to a second floor. Many people have had building glitches where they can't scrap their stairs and end up having to move the whole camp.

4: Wider variety of plantable items. Any crop or food item (such as carrots) or even different types of flowers so people can build their own flower or bigger vegetables gardens.

5: More light budget (from 50 to 100). Or at least more light budget in shelters. By the time you create a custom sign for a building or store you've eaten up a lot of your light budget.


6: The Power Armor Displays / Mannequin Displays. It looks like mayyyyybeee they are already added and just guessing there is a reason they haven't been dropped yet. The ability to show off custom outfits or skinned armor would be really appreciated.

7: Playable arcade cabinets like in Fallout 4. I have loads of the PipBoy game holotapes, but forget they are there mixed in with everything. If we had full cabinets that you could play it would be something fun to do with friends in camp…doing some old school 1980s arcade wars.

8: Double sided walls. It would free up budget and allow us to use wallpapers more easily front and back to really create unique buildings.

9: Different ceiling texture options….even if they use the same wallpapers the walls do.

10: More faction flags. Any and all factions past or present it would be great to display their faction logo as a flag.

11: More music variety on jukeboxes. Set them to tune to our radio station of choice (even thought jukeboxes don't work this way)

12: Shelter light controls. Allow us to turn off or adjust lighting.

13: The Atrium and the new Vault Quarters seem to share the exact same build budget as the other small shelters. If anything these spaces are huge and should warrant more budget….even if just a little bit more.

14: More displays variety. There are lots of shelving types. I'd love to be able to place objects inside the shelves or even on a desk surface from inventory to allow for more showcasing of items.

15: Putting back stackable pillars and allowing perimeter railing on upper floors again.

Anyone else have great suggestions? These would be items you want.

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