Preserving Integrity

fallout 4 - Preserving Integrity

Im going to start by saying I am not a big fan of the open letters and rant posts on this sub. Unfortunately, the community is distraught and is behaving childishly, and I feel that some things need to be pointed out to deflect and prevent this narrow-minded thinking.

I'd also like to preface with the fact that I have 4 weapons that I received via cap purchases and trades. These are my daily fliers. They are as follows: TSE Handmade, TSE combat shotgun, TSE reduce weight pump shotgun, and a 3* super sledge (reduced weight/faster swing/instigating). I love these weapons, and despite the controversy and pushback (of which i was a part of in some threads), TSE are hardly useless, especially with the correct perks. my builds are around them, and I have been crafting obscene amounts of shotgun shells and 5.56 as a main part of my play sessions for the past couple weeks. I will be very disappointed to lose these weapons.

that being said, there were several things that I was aware of when making these trades:

  • Duping is extremely prominent and has flooded the marketplace

  • OP 2 star combinations, specifically TSE, are extremely rare; let alone 3* "god rolls."

  • Duping is and has been condemned by Bethesda for most of the game's life.

  • Bethesda has promised action against dupers and to prevent duping and cheating.

  • there was no explicit statement either way on purchasing illicit items.

it is very likely that you were aware of most, if not all of the above as well. Knowing these things, and the commonly known fact that people lie, I agreed to these transactions, 100% aware that they may be illicit, and that there is a possibility that if they were, they would be able to be identified. I spent decent caps and valuable items on these transactions. it will absolutely be a loss for me if I lose these items.

Those are my circumstances. Im sure many of you are in similar ones, or maybe in a little bit deeper. maybe you paid upwards of 7k-10k for a single TSE back when they tore through scorchbeasts like tissue with zero perks. I'm levelling with you. this sucks. im anxious to get home and role the dice to see what is still there.

While i don't want to lose my treasured death machines as much as the next guy, I knew what I signed up for, and if you're being honest with yourself, you did too. Knowing all of those truths listed above, you engaged with a stranger assuming the risk. the hard truth is that if you were not prepared to lose the caps and item, you should not have been engaging in that transaction.

so, it's a shame that we're losing our shit, but why? why is "big ol' meanie Bethesda" punishing good ol' hardworking Appalachians like ourselves? we grind the nukes. we sell 200 scrap that we've been hoarding for 1 cap a piece at every vendor (bulking is a waste of plastic, don't @ me), every 20 hours. we grind those events, we pvp the n00bs into the ground, we sell our 3* rolling pins we squeezed out of the SBQ, just to have Bethesda take it away. they don't care about the game or the innocent players, right?

well, if you actually believe this move is malicious, or just plain stupid, im going to be frank with you: you're wrong.

I know, you're taken aback. well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

it's really not though.

too many people are being blinded by the rage and disappointment of being out a few thousand caps to see the big picture, and the overall positive intentions and implications of this patch. Here are some things to consider:

  • These weapons shouldn't exist in the first place. it's unfortunate that your chance transaction ended up being sour, but that item should never have existed. If you need somewhere to direct your anger, direct it at the person who duped you. they created those items to capitalize off of them, they're the ones intentionally misleading people.

  • There is an overflow of illegitimate OP gear. tying into the previous point, there should not be so many people breezing through the content like nothing. the reason that there was such a vocal backlash against TSE nerfs was the fact that so many people were being affected. people are really overlooking (whether purposefully or not) that these weapons are extremely rare. the fact that the majority of players inside the nuke zone have those guns or better is a red flag. even post nerf, these weapons are crazy good with the correct perks, and while it isn't as easy as before, it is still extremely simple to blow through everything below scorchbeasts. while content in this game may not be crazy abundant, the reason why so many are flying through it and are bored is because of the flooding of these items. please don't mistake my statements for saying that there is sufficient content, or that people shouldn't buy items, or that you didn't grind and earn your way to that point yourself. those who im referring to know who im talking about. they farmed robotically to level 50 and bought a full loadout of gear for a pretty penny, but a still suspiciously low price. the great majority is more OP than they intended for this point in the game, and it has to be addressed. normally a power creep would address this, but there are other reasons why this is the right call right now.

  • Competition, or, an even playing field. The biggest outrage over Survival mode's reveal was that people can carry over their characters. There was such a big outrage because people are 100% aware of a point made earlier: duping is out of control. TSEs, god roll armor sets, bobbleheads. these things will completely offset the playing field from day one. nobody will want to play because everyone will be rolling with the best gear on day one. with this fix, only legitimate gear will exist in the world. real gear that was actually dropped from hard work, and not just paid for after someone else duped it. one of the biggest impacts of this is the announcement of leaderboards. you cannot have any kind of ranked, leaderboard system, or even any kind of ranked play (future team deathmatch or other modes) with the market so saturated with OP shit. it's just plain not fair.

  • Player economy/market. This ties into the previous point as well. the market is flooded with illegitimate items. cheaters selling illicit items based on cheating. with player vending in the works, it will only get worse. nipping this in the bud now (though it should have been done earlier) is the right move to prevent that. prices will skyrocket at first but things will even out.

  • Pay2Win. People are very adamant that they don't want Bethesda selling top of the line gear for cash. why is it okay for players to do so? Ebay is stuffed with weapons for cash. It's not right that these people are making money off of the game, and it is not right that people are buying their way. This should not be acceptable in any game, and hopefully this is just the first step in shutting these people down.

I don't want to lose my gear as much as anyone else, but don't be so short-sighted. We are asking for the game to be fixed and improved, this is a step towards that. integrity and a legitimate economy are important to an online multiplayer game of this nature. exploits must be resolved, and Bethesda needs to show that they are serious about it.

the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. the second best time is now.

most will agree, duping has put the game in a bad place, and it should have been handled long ago. this is true. it shouldn't have gotten to the point where major nerfs and item removals are happening, but we're here now. we're still playing because we enjoy the game and we want it to thrive and grow. it wont do that with broken mechanics and a broken economy. imbalance and cheating will be a contributing killer to this game if it isn't resolved.

it is perfectly logical to be disappointed to lose your caps/items, but if you care about the integrity and growth of this game, you'll understand that this is a necessary step back in order to move forward.

my condolences to those losing illegitimate weapons that they bought (knowingly and unknowingly). i sincerely feel for you, and like i said, im going through that myself. take the game's downtime to reflect on some of these things mentioned and try to understand that overall it is for the greater good. you may have earned the caps, but those items were cheated, bottom line. if you believe

the whole situation makes me think of this episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Jacqueline, an affluent gold digger with humble native American roots, purchases a painting at an auction. she had recently divorced her adulterer husband that she has been gold digging on and is "broke." she used the last of her money to purchase the painting in an effort to show her peers that she is still wealthy post divorce. she keeps the painting as her one possession, only to find out later that legal action is being taken against her to take the painting away. it's revealed that the painting had been stolen by Nazi's during WWII, and the family taking legal action was just trying to get their painting back. after speaking with her native American parents, Jacqueline hears that the same thing is being done to her people's remains on one of their burial grounds. someone has taken her family member's remains and refuses to return them. This opened Jacqueline's eyes, and she ends up doing the right thing and returning the painting, her one and only possession worth anything that she spent all of her last dollars on, to the rightful owners.

while these weapons aren't someone else's, they don't rightfully belong to you, regardless if you purchased them with legitimately earned caps. The loss is necessary to do the right thing, and to ensure this game can continue to survive and grow.

I hope I was able to get some people to at least try to see the bigger picture. as an avid lover of the game, I am not without my frustrations and beefs with Bethesda's decisions. I may not support everything they do, but I recognize when a necessary effort is being made, despite it being the tough position. The jury is still out on this game's survival until we see the roadmap imo, but this is an important step in the right direction. Here is to looking forward to better improvements.

Prepared for the future!


I would like to point out that this discussion has nothing to do with potential mishaps in the upcoming patch. things may or may not happen, but the purpose of this post is to point out the necessity of these changes in a fix that is implemented properly. I'd like to also take this opportunity to plead that people don't grab the pitchforks post-patch. not right away at least. there will 100% be an article or post pointing out extreme bugs or errors, like people getting legitimate weapons deleted, the moment the patch goes live. it will blow up, there will be articles, and it will be on the front page of r/Fallout. please remain skeptical when reading these claims. If you have been following the game's life, you know that several completely fake claims backed by no evidence have launched to the front page, dripping of gold, silver and platinum, just to be busted hours later on the same day. the game gets a lot of bad press, and some of it is deserved and objective. Please don't encourage the spread of misinformation that will further inhibit this game from being successful. People are being swayed too easily by fake rumors, and without players, this game cant sustain itself and will die. do your research and please be wary about any articles coming out this afternoon.

see you in the wasteland.

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