Pro tip (xbox): get back into same server while solo

fallout 5 - Pro tip (xbox): get back into same server while solo

Are you solo? Feeling frustrated when you freeze entering a whitesprings blast zone and miss out on all the fun?

Im here to a help!

When you get kicked out of a server/freeze and have to quit to home, press the xbox button, go over to your friends/social tab, go down to recent players, pick anybody with the most recent "met ## min ago" timestamp and join their game (you can do this from the dashboard if you have to close fo76 completely).

I successfully rejoined the same server twice last night, The first time I rejoined, I spawned in the blast zone, in excavator PA, and was overencumbered. I had to get out of the zone, then get out of PA, then get out of the game, and then repeat that back in reverse. As I was walking out of the zone, I passed another player right on the edge, I made a note of his gamer tag, then exited world. Chose to join his game, and got back in no problems. Now this next part is something I noticed, but im not 100% about. When I spawned the second time, I spawned in that players general vicinity. Normally if you join a world itll but you at the closest fast travel spawn point. As im writing this, im pretty sure it happened the first time, bc I spawned by the tennis court/pool. but I didnt know where that person was that I randomly selected.

Ive been in a whitesprings blast zone 5 times now, and 5 times ive frozen and had to restart game. If that was a baseball stat, id be getting calls from the majors…

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