Pro tips for you item buyers

fallout 2 - Pro tips for you item buyers

Hopefully this isn't deleted, I'm posting this to hopefully help the trading community.

For the last few days I've had my Trading Shop "Ticturd Trading" up and running and just wanted to give a few suggestions.

  1. A mic, this one thing will make most of your trading experiences go near flawless. I find it rather odd that 75% of folks that show up to my shop have no mic. I highly suggest you go get you a $10.00 mic somewhere, it will make trading soooo much easier.

  1. If your coming for AMMO and have no mic, you must then send the seller a message, you can't just show up and "request" my 5.56 ammo. Most ammo sells at a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio meaning that if you want 4k 5.56 then it's going to cost you 1k Caps. Typically I'll sell you 1k ammo at 1k caps and then give you the remaining 3k at 0 Caps. It's near impossible to get this across without a mic, in the very least communicate through messages.

  1. Don't be afraid to "decline" my price in order to negotiate (if you have no mic). For example, if you request my AAE weapon, and I put a price of 5k on it, instead of canceling the trade cause you think it's too high, use the "decline" option. This lets me know your still interested but would like a better price, more times then not I'll drop the price a good 10-20% if you put a "decline" on it.

  1. Please be patient with others in front of you and at the same time, please remember the frustration you had while waiting. I've had some folks literally sit there for 10 minutes but not request a single thing. Have some idea of what it is your looking for before you get to the seller.

  1. If the subreddit your on allows +karma, please leave it. As a seller I sometimes get to busy and forget to go back and hit you with +Karma, but as a smartphone seller I get a notification if someone leaves me Karma and I'll go back to also leave Karma.

  1. Please understand that first come first serve means just that. Unless I've specifically posted an auction for a single item, I may be out of an item by the time you get there. Just last night I had a girl stop by and buy all my available flux. 5 minutes later someone showed up and proceeded to try and wreak the trade shop because I was out of the advertised flux from my post.

  1. Yes, I'll buy "some" of your items, but not your "trash". Last night I spent a good 7k buying random apparel, weapons and armor from folks that originally came to my shop to buy. What I'm not is a mindless vendor that will just hand over 500 caps for your lvl 5 0* hatchet.

To close this I'll just reiterate #1, a mic will make your trading experience so much better.

Please add to my list if you think I may have forgot anything, good luck and I hope to see you out in the Appalachia.

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