Probably the most underrated shortcut to New Vegas

fallout 2 - Probably the most underrated shortcut to New Vegas

You see it all the time. "I was able to go directly north to vegas immediately from Goodsprings!" Or "I'm stuck going the long way around." Well here's a shortcut that's known but never really talked about. I found this out in December of 2010 when I got the game after the sheer frustration of being unable to go directly to Vegas off the bat for the sake of the plot. Well the plot can piss off because I found the best loophole ever! If you head East to Sloan and ignore the crew chief (who's name I cannot remember for the life of me) telling you to stop on account of deathclaws, you'll obviously hit Quarry Junction. Now normally the game's failsafe is to spawn deathclaws to prevent you from going forward just like North Goodsprings. However, if you hug the eastern-most portion of the area on the cliffs of Black Mountain, you should find your way with ease to Neil's Shack where Neil will warn you about the hostile Super Mutants that occupy the mountain. At this point you want to ignore Neil and continue along the mountainside until you reach a winding road up the mountain. Now I want to include this part even though I know it goes without saying, but while you are making your way along the cliffs to Neil's Shack and the winding road, remain crouched at ALL TIMES! as a low level player, you obviously are more susceptible to injury and death so bear that in mind! Anyway, once you reach the winding road, you will come across an opening in the cliffs to a steep hill that will take you directly to the north face of the mountain. There you will come across a dead NCR soldier and a ton of bear traps. I cannot stress this enough, TAKE THE TROOPER'S FATIGUES!!!! I'll explain later. As you wind your way up the hill, watch for bear traps and move quick as rocks will begin to fall down the hill injuring and possibly killing you. Once you make it to the North Face of Black Mountain, there is nothing in your way unt you hit New Vegas. But remember those fatigues? If you head to Camp McCarran while wearing the Fatigues, you can utilize the monorail there and get into The Strip free of charge! A great way to get to Vegas fast and cheap!


EDIT: I'm seeing a lot of posts about getting the stealth boy from the schoolhouse in Goodsprings. Just an fyi, you do NOT have to use one to utilize the shortcut! It is possible to do this on any and all sneak point levels!

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