Problem: Synths attack in the Institute

fallout 1 - Problem: Synths attack in the Institute

I'm currently on my bazillionth playthrough, this time with a Horizon-based modlist. Everything was going perfectly until I first entered the Institute. I inserted Sturges' network scanner, which automatically progressed the "Institutionalized" quest, saying I refused the Institute and have to leave. I don't know if that is what's supposed to happen.

Since I want to side with the Institute in this playthrough, I just reloaded an older save and didn't use Sturges' holotape. When I started meeting the leaders, I entered the Robotics division, only to see Synths and Institute Scientists fighting with each other. Yes, each other. This also progressed the "Institutionalized" quest, saying again that I refused to join the Institute and have to leave.

Has anyone encountered this before? If yes, is there a fix?

EDIT: Here's my modlist. As I said, I used a Wabbajack-supported modlist. All mods until mod 209 "Quality of Life" were installed with that. The others are personal-preference-mods and fixes.

"0000","DLC: Wasteland Workshop"

"0001","DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop"

"0002","DLC: Nuka-World"

"0003","DLC: Far Harbor"

"0004","DLC: Contraptions Workshop"

"0005","DLC: Automatron"

"0006","Cleaned Masters"

"0007","Cubemap Fix (By BiRaitBec)"


"0009","Visual Mods_separator"

"0010","MystiriousDawn's HD Lensflare"

"0011","Proto Vault Suit"

"0012","Immersive Wasteland Grass"

"0013","True Storms Wasteland Edition v1.4"

"0014","True Nights (for True Storms with ENB)"

"0015","Interiors Enhanced – Darker Ambient Light and Fog"

"0016","Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks"

"0017","Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction"

"0018","Pip-Boy Flashlight"


"0020","Eyewear and mask retexture"

"0021","No More Fake Puddles"

"0022","Live Action Mr. Handy"

"0023","Wetness Shader Fix"

"0024","DinDisco's Main Menu Replacer"

"0025","Boston Natural Surroundings"

"0026","Audio Mods_separator"

"0027","Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul"

"0028","Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul – True Storms Patch"

"0029","LOST Audio Tweaks"

"0030","Cinematic Sounds – Explosions"

"0031","Commonwealth Gunfire Overhaul"

"0032","Project Reality Footsteps FO4"

"0033","P.A.M.S – Power Armor Movement Sounds"

"0034","Terrifyer – Ghouls"

"0035","General Fixes_separator"

"0036","3rd Person Beard Fix"


"0038","Remove Fallout 4 Updates From Main Menu"

"0039","Crafting Highlight Fix"

"0040","Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix)"

"0041","Fixed Alpha Maps"

"0042","Companion Stealth Distance Fix (No Free Hugs)"

"0043","Companion Command and Tactics"

"0044","RAW INPUT – The Ultimate Mouse Sensitivity Fix"

"0045","Weapon Rack Extended (WRE)"

"0046","Nuka-World Bottle Scenery Fix"

"0047","Disable NPC Comments When Waiting for Player Input"

"0048","Laser weapons 1st person reposition"

"0049","Clock Widget"

"0050","Power Armor map fix"

"0051","Place Everywhere"

"0052","Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth"

"0053","Grab the Damn Mag"

"0054","Automatically Lowered Weapons"

"0055","Sleep Or Save"

"0056","Better Console – F4SE"

"0057","No More Glowing Mouths"

"0058","Doc Drumlin by SKK"

"0059","Simply Lowered Drawbridges"

"0060","HUD UI_separator"

"0061","Extended Dialogue Interface"

"0062","Fallout 4 Wheel Menu"

"0063","Immersive HUD – iHUD"


"0065","Mod Configuration Menu"


"0067","Silent UI"

"0068","Settlement Menu Manager"

"0069","Improved Map with Visible Roads"

"0070","Small Map Markers"

"0071","Power Armor HoloHUD"

"0072","Character Enhancements_separator"


"0074","Enhanced Male Vanilla Bodies"

"0075","The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope Edition – All-in-One"

"0076","Valkyr Female Face Textures"

"0077","Natural Male Textures SHB Vanilla"

"0078","Looks Menu Customization Compendium"

"0079","Unlock All Hairstyles At Game Start"

"0080","Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a"


"0082","Official Horizon Weapon Merge Pack"


"0084","Crossbows of the Commonwealth"



"0087","10mm SMG"

"0088","WWII Colt M1911A1 of Freedom"

"0089","Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia"


"0091","Grease Gun SMG"

"0092","Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle"

"0093","Chinese Assault Rifle Animations"

"0094","Service Rifle"

"0095","Steyr AUG"

"0096","HK G11 K2 – Kraut Space Magic"

"0097","M60 Light Machinegun"

"0098","Anti Materiel Rifle"

"0099","The Pipe Shotgun"

"0100","YK42B – Pulse Rifle"

"0101","Wattz Laser Gun"

"0102","COBRA – Officer's Revolver"

"0103","Winchester P94"

"0104","Viking Battle Axe"

"0105","Slaughtering Buzz Axe"

"0106","Classic Super Sledge"

"0107","Caravan Shotgun"

"0108","Glock 86 – Plasma Pistol"



"0110","M1 Garand"


"0112","Beretta M9-FS Pistol (92FS)"


"0114","Clothing Of The Commonwealth – CBBE"

"0115","Eli's Armour Compendium – CBBE"

"0116","Spiff's Wasteland Clothing Pack"

"0117","CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics"


"0119","m150's Institute Power Armor HD Retexture"

"0120","Enclave X-02 Power Armor"

"0121","X-02 Power Armor – All Factions Paintjob"

"0122","Hellfire X-03 Power Armor"

"0123","X-03 Power Armor – All Factions Paintjob"

"0124","Hellfire X-03 Power Armor Camouflage Retexture – StandAlone"

"0125","FO4 War Tags"

"0126","Tribal Power Armour"

"0127","West Tek Tactical Optics"

"0128","CROSS_Courser Strigidae"


"0130","Homemaker – Expanded Settlements"

"0131","Workshop Framework"

"0132","Workshop Plus"

"0133","Manufacturing Extended"

"0134","New Locations_separator"

"0135","Inside Jobs – Commonwealth Interiors Add-On"

"0136","South of The Sea"

"0137","The Beantown Interiors Project"

"0138","Spring Cleaning Compatibility Patch"

"0139","Minuteman Watchtowers"


"0141","Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)"

"0142","Immersive Fallout"

"0143","Realistic Bullets 1.3.3"

"0144","Live Dismemberment"

"0145","Better Locational Damage"

"0146","Military MREs"

"0147","Moddable Robot Settlers Compilation"

"0148","Tougher Cars Durable Vehicles"

"0149","Advanced AI Tweaks"

"0150","Roleplay Enhancements_separator"

"0151","Tales from the Commonwealth"

"0152","Settlers of the Commonwealth"

"0153","Lola Dress CBBE"

"0154","NPCs Travel"

"0155","Nuka-World Reborn"

"0156","Main Quest Choices Extended"

"0157","Bountiful Boards"

"0158","Journal of the Sole Survivor – Personal Journal"

"0159","First Person Messages"

"0160","Quest Summary by Default"

"0161","The Danse Dilemma"

"0162","Heather Casdin"

"0163","Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul"

"0164","Ending Epilogue Restored"

"0165","Institute – Alternate End and Restoration"

"0166","Boston Public Library BPL Compressed Data (cut content)"

"0167","Protectron Subway Steward (fix)"



"0170","Horizon Patches_separator"

"0171","Horizon Skills Tab in Pipboy"

"0172","Unofficial Horizon – Danse Dilemma Patch"

"0173","Unofficial Patches for Robot Mods and Horizon"

"0174","Tales from the Commonwealth Horizon Patch"

"0175","Laser weapons 1st person reposition Horizon Patch"

"0176","Settlers of the Commonwealth Horizon Patch"

"0177","Horizon patch for NPCs Travel"

"0178","Unofficial True Storms Horizon Patch"

"0179","Beantown Interiors Project Horizon Patch"

"0180","Campsite Horizon Patch"

"0181","SMM Horizon Patch"

"0182","Heather Casdin Horizon Patch"

"0183","Horizon – CROSS_Cryolance v1.6.4"

"0184","Horizon_10mm SMG compatibility patch"

"0185","Horizon – See Through Scopes"

"0186","Realistic bullets DLC Horizon patch"

"0187","Horizon and Eli's Armour Compendium"

"0188","Horizon and Clothing of the Commonwealth Patch"

"0189","Horizon Armor Patch Central"

"0190","Horizon Level List Patch"

"0191","Horizon and Cross Pre-War Cybernetics Patch"

"0192","Horizon Armory Activator"

"0193","FN-FAL Horizon Patch"

"0194","Unofficial West Tek Tactical Optics Horizon Patch"

"0195","Horizon – Comprehensive Power Armor Merge"

"0196","PATCH 1 Horizon-MRE v1.7.6"

"0197","Workshop Framework Horizon Patch"

"0198","Horizon – Contraptions Workshop"

"0199","Manufacturing Extended Horizon Patch"

"0200","Horizon – CROSS Courser Strigidae Patch v1.7.6.1"

"0201","B.L.D. with Horizon"

"0202","Realistic Cooking With Horizon"

"0203","Horizon Weapon Patches"

"0204","Nuka-World Reborn Patches"

"0205","DinDisco's SMU-Patches"

"0206","Load After Horizon_separator"

"0207","F4EE Patch 1.2a"

"0208","Wheel Menu Patch"

"0209","Quality of Life_separator"

"0210","Remove Helmet In Dialog"

"0211","Everyone's Best Friend v3.0.0"

"0212","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-"

"0213","Sleep Intimate version 2 – R-X"

"0214","Sleep Intimate version 2 optional files for AAF"

"0215","Advanced Animation Framework"

"0216","Atomic Lust"


"0218","Better killmove frequency"

"0219","Unlimited Companion Framework"

"0220","Rusty Face Fix"

"0221","High Res DLC Black Face Fix"

"0222","WTTO MCM Patch"

"0223","Unlimited Survival Mode – F4SE"

"0224","The Castle Fully Restored In and Out v1.5"

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