Project Paradise is already half-broken. Don’t make it harder on yourself.

fallout 7 - Project Paradise is already half-broken. Don't make it harder on yourself.

When you actually manage to get through the entire event without crashing out of the server, that's rare enough. Here are a few things you should do (Or NOT do) to make your life easier and your chances of actually succeeding MUCH better.

DON'T start the event until you have a minimum of 6 (and preferably 8 or more) people present. You have 30 whole minutes after taking the elevator and triggering the event to wait for more people to show up before initializing the experiment, but only 5 minutes to fill the troughs. I would even go so far as to wait back up at the top of the elevator with a mic to coordinate people showing up and make a plan before even heading down and loitering in an area full of infinitely respawning enemies and constant crash risk. You may need to wait 20 minutes, but that's WAY better than playing stupidly for 20 and failing the event every time.

PLEASE DON'T join the event with your level 7 or 39 or any other stupidly low level character. You don't have the gear. You will be more of a liability than an asset. Not being mean, but you won't be winning the event either. At such a low level there are surely MANY lower-level events you haven't completed yet. Go do them, and come back after LVL 50.

DO ALWAYS send a designated person to the basement to get the shutdown code. Have them waiting by the keypad door ready to use the code "970930" the second the event starts. Grab the code from the basement computer, and enter it into the terminal that starts the experiment. Why??? Because it not only drastically reduces the number of robots that constantly spawn, but the friendly new A.I. will now heal all your animal defense targets after each wave! This is incredibly useful, but I STILL see people not doing it 75% of the time. This is usually the difference between success and failure.

DON'T lead enemies to your defense targets, ESPECIALLY ROBOTS. Legendary robots and sentrybots explode in a wide-area nuclear fireball when they die. Just one explosion anywhere near your defense target WILL kill it instantly. Even the tier 3 defense targets. I have seen SO many events completely ruined by some panicky idiot player letting a robot chase them back to the defense target, or killing one at the feet of the defense target. It's better to run AWAY from your defense target if one is chasing you or, let it kill you, or Kamikaze the damn thing with a couple EMP grenades than let a robot get ANYWHERE NEAR your defense target.

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DO ALWAYS prioritize the Venison room. It has the only trough it is possible to fill, at present. The others just don't respawn what you need to put in them fast enough. MAYBE the sludge room if you have a lot of people and you are feeling frisky. I have NEVER seen the kelp trough get filled. It can't be done. Don't try. ALWAYS have 3 people in the Venison room until the trough is filled. THEN split off and help the other people with filling the others if you have time. just 1 full trough at 60 is better than 3 at 20.

DO ALWAYS guard ALL defense targets with at least two players at all times. If your target dies, go help guard another. I have seen the event won by a single person who bothered to guard a near-dead friendly radroach even though their team had a tier-3 glowing deathclaw that everyone else flocked to, yet failed to defend. And the more friendlies you keep alive, the better chance of getting the rarer rewards. TWO OR MORE PEOPLE ON EVERY DEFENSE TARGET AT ALL TIMES!

DO ALWAYS leave JUST 2 or 3 people to fight the end boss. Everyone else, STAY WITH THE DEFENSE TARGETS! I have seen teams get all 3 defense targets alive and with full health to the last stage, then lose miserably because they all went off to fight the boss. Who cares if it's a lvl 100 3*? You know it's just going to drop you a 1* wooden leg or tire iron anyway! We have the Purveyor now. You ALWAYS get a 3* OF YOUR TYPE CHOICE from her. AND anything you don't like you can turn back in for a bit under half the cost of another FREE and GEAR-TYPE-TARGETED GUARANTEED MAX LVL 3* item! This event is about getting the new items and plans, NOT farming legendary switchblades. OR….you can lose the event abandoning your defense duty frantically trying to kill that 3* robot you saw, and get a nice, shiny drill…or nothing, because sometimes the legendary enemies don't drop ANYTHING.

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Please do (and don't do some of) these things so we all don't spend our precious 3-day holiday weekend gaming time losing Project Paradise again. And again. And AGAIN…

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