Proof that Hazmat Suit and Power Armor has hidden stat that further reduces radiation

fallout 5 - Proof that Hazmat Suit and Power Armor has hidden stat that further reduces radiation

Earlier I've tried sharing this information but no-one believed and then a 'streamer' came with his bugged character to further sway people's minds so it was downvoted to Fallout. So this time I came with proof.

Someone launched a nuke on my server (Whitesprings, as always) so I decided to take this opportunity to prove my theory.

Ok, first step, I take 3 rad shields and jump into the blast zone. Here's what I get: https://i.imgur.com/2QC7JG7.png

1043 radiation resistance and +10 rad/s? Something's not right. I chug down one more Radshield and 5 diluted Rad X: https://i.imgur.com/s70W3zt.png

1843 radiation resistance and still +8 rad/s? WHAT!? Probably not seeing it right. I go all in and chug down nearly everything I have: https://i.imgur.com/OwiPeQz.png

2743 radiation resistance and still flipping +7 rad/s? I don't even. I jump into my X-01 Power Armor and check the stats: https://i.imgur.com/LeIQu0q.png


Of course screenshots have to be bugged in Power Armor cause why not. Nevertheless, that seems to be less than +1 rad/s. At this point I wait out the meds duration outside blast zone, napping in some player's camp because why not (and because I have no more radaways…). Then I put on my awesome non-power armor armor and head in the blast zone like a hero: https://i.imgur.com/VClVEBE.png

Damn, +21 rad/s. That friggin hurts. I feel a rash coming up. Let's test Hazmat: https://i.imgur.com/BRb3v1t.png

1000 radiation resistance and <1 rad/s? What?? What about my flipping 2.7k radiation resistance!? FINE. LAST ONE. No meds in Power Armor: https://i.imgur.com/jG9sQmq.png

Close to +2 rad/s at 500ish radiation resistance, and ofc, a bugged screenshot (Bethesda pls).

So here you go folks, undeniable proof that a secret alien organi- cough sorry, wrong text cough. Where was I? Oh, that's right, I mean a hidden anti-radiation stat exists for Hazmat Suit and Power Armor. Bethesda is secretly forcing us to use Power Armor because otherwise in blast zones you're roleplaying a squishy hobo in a Hazmat Suit or a hopeless junkie chugging down radaways every few seconds.

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TL;DR: by now you should be used to reading terminal logs, so get on with it.

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