Proposal of a completely new legendary effect

fallout 5 - Proposal of a completely new legendary effect


First of all, I can't English. So I am writing this sentence using google translate. I'm sorry it's hard to read.

Now, as for the main subject, after playing this game for hundreds of hours, I came to think that the legendary effect of weapons and armor should be changed as a whole.

Most legendary effects aren't actually used, and players seem to be collecting only OP effects such as Bloodied, Junkie, and Anti-Armor. So why not change the lesser-used legendary effect?

This is the legendary effect I thought of.

Also, for the legendary effect that increases damage, it is necessary to specify whether the weapon damage will increase or the damage dealt will increase (addition or multiplication).

Nocturnal: Increases weapon damage +50% in unlit areas

Unlit areas are open worlds at night and indoor locations (where loading occurs). As a result, the only scenes where the conditions cannot be met are the open world during the day.

It also removes the demerit of reducing damage during the day and increases weapon damage uniformly when conditions are met.

Berserker's: Increases damage taken by 25%, but increases damage dealt by 40%

You take a high risk, but you get a reasonable return.

The increased damage is lower than the optimized Bloodied and above the junkie.

Stalker's: If not in combat, 100% VATS accuracy at +25% AP cost.

Instead of increasing the hit rate by 100%, the hit rate will be 100%.

However, it is disabled in PvP and an effect for PvP is prepared.

You also need to think about what to do with weapons such as Tesla rifles and flamethrowers.

Suppressor's: Marks an enemy with an attack and reduces the damage dealt by the marked enemy by 30%.

・Marks can be applied to multiple enemies and are also effective for team members.

・The maximum number of marks is 4, and the time is 10 seconds. You cannot attack new enemies and update the mark at will.


・Highlight it visually.

As an image, Suppressor's gives a debuff, making it a legendary effect that boosts the survival of the team.

Instigating: The first weapon damage done to the enemy is double

Instigating is still strong enough, but it doesn't seem to go well with team play.

Mutant's: Weapon damage increased +25% if you are mutated.

Currently the rate of increase is too low.

Assassin's: Increases damage to humans by 30% (players:10%).

Different rates for NPCs and players.

Basher's: Bashing damage increased +400%

Currently, with the exception of some weapons, the effect cannot be felt.

However, I think it is necessary to make adjustments for weapons such as the Minigun.

Hitman's: Increases weapon damage, accuracy and stability +15% while aiming

This is because it is inferior to the legendary effect of Rapid(FFR) and Explosive.

Therefore, it enhances the handling of weapons such as accuracy and stability, and brings out the unique potential of this legendary effect.

How about such a legendary effect?

Human's: Increases weapon damage +50% when not mutated

All mutations are powerful, with almost every player having multiple mutations.

So what about a legendary that has a powerful effect instead of being unable to mutate?

Furthermore, by creating a choice that does not mutate, how to make a new build will be born. I also think it's good for role-playing 🙂

I think there are other legendary effects that need to be changed, but this is the only one that I thought was particularly necessary.

Thank you

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