PSA about limited loot space

fallout 2 - PSA about limited loot space

To anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, you have exponentially more loot space than you probably think you do. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove EVERYTHING from your stash, make sure there's any workstation (preferably a tinkerer's) nearby and head there.

  2. Convert all your junk to raw materials with the push of a button (for me I think it was "T"). Then manually scrap any armorweapons you don't need. Now, you're 400lbs of junk should be around 100lbs…but wait….there's more!

  3. Head to the nearest tinkerer's workbench (if you didn't start at one). There is an option here to create bulk stacks of resources, which will again decrease the weight of SOME of the raw materials you just got from scrapping everything.

  4. Sell excess bulk waste materials

Tada! You can now store insanely unnecessary amounts raw materials. Enjoy!

Edit: only a few of the heavier raw materials decrease in weight when bulking. Added step 4 to sell excess.


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