PSA Announcement: Random bugs and QOL things to be aware of for both new and old alike

fallout 76 discussion and inform - PSA Announcement: Random bugs and QOL things to be aware of for both new and old alike

After being frustrated with my recent loss of yet another pet, I figured I'd post some bugs and other QOL things for people to look out for;

– If you have a tamable pet, and you spawn in on a world where your camp can't be placed, do NOT have the game try to hop you to another world. If you do, you will lose your pet, it will spawn in dead. I've had this happen to 5 pets now including a legendary diseased deathclaw, and confirmed with my last cow this was the cause. To avoid this, when you see the message, just ALT+F4, wait a few seconds and reload in. This should save you from losing your buddy.

– Parties can sometimes bug out and not give you the extra XP you should be getting. Be sure to take notice if you are getting the appropriate boost. If not, you need to swap teams or do a server hop.

– If you die with a smoked mirelurk filet buff on, you will lose the food's buffs. I think this has something to do with the water-breathing aspect of the buff.

– Be wary when using vats in tight areas with melee, you can sometimes tele into things and get stuck.

– Be wary when dropping items on the ground for transfer; I've had it happen twice now where the items I tried dropping never showed up. Always do a test first of something of trivial value, and do not try going super fast. I'm not sure what caused this but I believe it was going too fast.

– Many people don't know this, but excavator power armor yields 4x the amount of ore per pick up and sometime lets you harvest the same node multiple times.

– You can stack certain multiple buffs together if they are not sourced from the same things (i.e. food, mixed tea drinks, alcohol ect.). For example, you can have insane ap regen from company tea, hard lemonade, corn soup, fully quenched, Live and Love 4 & well tuned all stacking together with action boy. These buffs together are comparable to a full set of ap refresh (powered). This allows you to gear away from AP refresh and into other things if you so choose to do so.


You may have 1 buff of the same class (i.e. perception or ap regen) from food or drink, one from special teas (like sweetwater special or company tea), one from chems, one from alcohol, one from magazines, one from bobbleheads and one from the environment (like music instrument).

BUT, you may have multiple different buffs (like +end and +str) from the same source type (like food). The exceptions to this being bubbleheads and magazines, only ONE of each them are able to be going at a time.

(For people who badly need it, bloatfly loafs and glowing bloodpacks or rad shield stacks and gives you +150 / +375 base rad resist)

– Intelligence gives you roughly 2% exp per point. This is why you see most teams as casual, it's the best overall xp. If you are a team lead you can maximize your xp gain in events by swapping the team type to an events team right before the end to get the bonus for it being completed, then swapping back.

– Weapon weight reduction on gear stacks with the wwr on perks. This allows for CRAZY weight shaving, I have heavy guns that should weigh normally 20+ lbs down to literal fractions of a lb.

– Chem fiend stacks with bio-mesh chest mods – this allows for +140% duration to chems.

– The mods for scout / forest armor can only be found in the command center vendor in the Whitespring Bunker.

– Squirrels always spawn near Whitespring service entrance; at least always 1 behind the entrance about 50 meters and two in front just past the gated area with the generators. Tasty squirrel stew is tasty!

So that's about all I can think of that glaringly pops out. Hope this info can help some people out, and if you have anything I should add to the list, please let me know!

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