PSA: CAMP Vendors are NOT safe

fallout 2 - PSA: CAMP Vendors are NOT safe

If you are not already aware – if you have a vendor machine out in your CAMP, it may choose items in your stash at random to sell for random prices.

I have been a victim to it with multiple legendary weapons and outfits. Based on personal experience, and what I have found through researching forums/videos, can pretty well confirm the following:

1) Disconnecting power from vendor does NOT solve the issue (this only removes the CAMP vendor icon on map)

2) Having atom-shop paints or nicknames attached to the items in your stash do NOT keep them safe from this bug

3) Walling off your vendors is NOT enough to stop buyers

4) The buyer may not even know they are benefitting from a bug (although many vendor hoppers are definitely noted to be taking advantage of the bug – as I've heard in voice chat at my CAMP…)

5) This bug exists in all versions – PC, XBOX, and PS4

If you have any single item in your stash you don't want to lose, then I suggest you SCRAP/STORE YOUR VENDOR for now until bug is fixed. This bug came to surface with Wastelanders release, and exists even after the duplication bug hotfix.

I hope this gains some traction so more of the community is aware.

EDIT: The chance of this happening to you is not 100%. It may not even be 1%. Truthfully, it seems there is no way to replicate it. It either happens to you or it doesn't. You can take the risk and have your vendors out – that's cool, go for it! But please don't call it a hoax… There is nothing for me to gain from me posting awareness of a bug that Bethesda is investigating. I've personally stored my vendors solely because of a few items in my stash I do not want to fall victim to the bug again. It may never happen to me again… but it's the fact that it did happen which worries me.


EDIT-2: I'm back online, and none of my vendors had anything fishy going on when put back down. Although I can confirm another item I lost in all this madness I endured past few days. 3* Lever Action that was Anti-armour, explosive, and something else. I remember this one particular because I nicknamed it "- Lincoln's Repeater" with the "-" so it appears at top of list all the time. It also had an atom-shop paint skin on it… This leads me to believe moreso that it is a sorting error with vendors as it keeps replacing items with those closer to the top of my list? Honestly I don't know… But after confirming that I've lost the lever action, a 3* instigating hunting rifle, and some random outfits I had stashed… It is definitely best to store vendors until bug is patched. For those still thinking it is a hoax… Well, whatever… If it happens to you, then I'm sorry. If it doesn't, then that's great! I don't want any compensation – just awareness. The awareness was acquired – so thank you to all who have shared your experiences. Please make tickets so some commonalities can be shared with support team to find a bug fix. Thanks all!

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