PSA: Fallout Science: Maxing Your Sprint

fallout 8 - PSA: Fallout Science: Maxing Your Sprint


You can max how fast you can sprint, but things that affect it don’t stack.

You can max how long you can sprint, and things that affect it do stack.

You can max how long it takes you to recover, and I’ll explore that in the next write-up.

The long:

Sprinting FAST: What you need to know:

a. Sprinting is x1.5 faster than running.

b. A power armor frame nerfs your run speed to 88% (Fallout 4 nerfed it to 80%, so improvement, I guess). It does not nerf your sprint speed.

c. Things that affect how fast you move do not stack, full stop. This is not a Speed Demon bug. Gun Runner works in power armor without emergency protocols, but doesn’t if you have EP.

Gun Runner, Dead Man Sprint, Emergency Protocols, Speed Demon, you can only ever have one of them active. I haven’t tested overdrive servos because they’re a terrible idea full stop (but wondering if they stack with Emergency Protocols). The only speed affecting thing that does stack is the 12% run speed frame nerf. That's Power Armor herpes, it just won't go away.

d. Speed Demon plus Strange in numbers combo is bugged, and doesn’t increase actual Speed Demon speed from 20% to 25%. Tested running and sprinting, in power armor and out. It does however change the tooltip to 25%, for lolz and giggles.

Sprinting LONG: What you need to know:

Two parts –

a. Things that affect the size of your base AP pool (basically AGI boosters and Ultra-Light armor pieces) dictate the base number of seconds you can sprint. My base on 8AGI points allows about 13 seconds of sprint. Each AGI point adds about one second to the base. You can use a lot of things to improve your base. Ultra-light armor mods on any of your non-power-armor pieces, AGI-boosting raider underarmor, and AGI-boosting weapon, the Bird Bones mutation, food & chems, Unyielding or Unyielding + AGI armor (don’t aim for Unyielding+AGI, you’re better off putting powered in that legendary slot, as I will explore in the next write-up).

b. Things that increase or decrease the base number of seconds you can sprint, by affecting your AP burn rate: negatively (Dead Man Sprint (by 20%), or Overdrive Servos – I regard touching them as an IQ test. I didn't touch them and I think I passed.), and positively (Marathoner (20%/30%/40% burn rate improvement) and Custom Fit (hard to tell, either 10% or 12.5% burn rate improvement per leg) outside power armor, stacking multiplicatively.

Note: This isn’t DPS, additive stacking would have been better. Example: hypothetical mod and perk give 50% each, 50% + 50% additive = sprinting costs zero. 50% * 50% multiplicative means sprinting now costs 25%. additive would have been better 🙂

Two custom fit legs and marathoner 3 stack their burn-affecting multiplicatively. Result: x 2.11 on your base. My AP pool (8 AGI after bird bones plus full unyielding armor) allowed 27 seconds sprint. With Marathoner 3 and two Custom Fit legs, I can sprint for 57 seconds.


In power armor, the landscape is different: Marathoner doesn’t work in power armor. Optimised Servos give you 20% per leg, which stack additively. That’s 40% off your burn rate (meaning your base pool sprint time lasts you for base x 1.6666 seconds). It also means that the effect of the second leg with Optimised Servos is bigger than the first. Also, forget +15AGI from unyielding plus some ultra-light mods on the pieces doubling your base AP pool. I can get between 20 and 30 seconds in Power Armor with Optimised Servos, and have fewer things I can use to raise that AP pool (bird bones, +1AGI weapon, food & chemos still help). A pistol-based 15AGI build can probably squeeze out around 40-50 seconds.

How I tested:

I used the vendor hallway in whitesprint as my test track.

To measure speed, I ensured I can sprint for over 20 seconds, an well fed and well hydrated, and sprinted from my back pressed against the rubbish bin to the left of the rear door at the end of the hallway, until I bump into the back of the green comfy chair at the other end of the hallway.

My lap times in seconds (I didn’t bother with olympic grade precision):







Sneak 5 Wood


Run PA


Sprint PA




Sprint PA EP


Run GR


PA Sprint SD




NPA Sprint SD




PA Sprint SD SIN








Timing how long you can sprint is tricker.

How much AP you have is a number your computer/consoles gets several times a second from the server.

(I think) when the server gets a little busy, it’ll miss a beat and not send you a packet, and your computer will continue thinking you have as much AP than you should have, and allow you to sprint during that time “for free”. Which is great in game, but makes taking timings very problematic. You have to watch your AP burn go down the whole time, and when you notice it “pauses”, your data is contaminated and you have to repeat the experiment. It happens quite often. Took me a while to get uncontaminated results for my configurations.

On 8AGI base, starting naked and adding one (non-Custom-Fit) unyielding piece at a time (while at 5% health) this is how many seconds I could run:

Naked: 13

1 Piece: 15.5 seconds

2: 18 seconds

3: 21 seconds

4: 24 seconds

5: 27 seconds

When I added one custom fit to the 5 pieces I could run 30 seconds.

When I added a second one I could sprint for 34 seconds.

When I added Marathoner 2 (5 unyielding and CF still on), I could do 48 seconds.

When I added Marathoner 3 (5 unyielding and CF still on), I could do 57 seconds.

If anyone wants to do peer review on this so we can submit this to a peer-reviewed scientific journal, go for it.

Next writeup I’ll talk about recovering that AP – Powered legendaries, Well Tuned, Well Hydrated, Rejuvenated, Action Boy/Girl and all that Jazz.

Hope you found this informative.

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