PSA for new players: before you go thinking it’s a free for all

fallout 4 - PSA for new players: before you go thinking it's a free for all

I've seen a lot of posts about the community and how great it is, and it's TRUE, it's a great community that is super helpful with new players just starting out. However, it should be noted, there are a few things you should take in to consideration before you go newbing up to some level 5000 and expecting a warm reception:

1: There is really nothing you have that they could want. They dont want to trade with you. No matter how much you flip the trade emote. Its annoying. Stop it.

2: They will give you what they feel like they can give you. To ask for more is really really needy and cringy. Especially when they already gave you something. Instead of "Hey can I have some fusion cores" Try (in passing conversation) "Man I'm having a hard time here with this power armor, I always run out of cores…" give them the option to ignore you, dont put them on the spot. Further, you might get something better, like advice on how to GET IT YOURSELF.

3: Dont expect a person, who may have limited time to play, or something else that they might want to do, to hold your hand and walk you through the whole game. Example: the other day I had a guy and his friend who were both new. The 1st one never launched a nuke before so I ran him thru the gauntlet (it takes a LOT longer when you're training a guy) no problem, nuke launched, queen smashed. Then, his buddy wanted me to do the same thing for him. Ok, annoying, (you just watched me do it with your friend) but I complied because I want to think I'm a nice guy… we start going thru the motions and we get all the way to a certain point and he cant launch cuz he hasn't even gotten his story that far… (ughhh… ) then, he proceeded to badger me about what all he needed to do to get him to be able to launch, and could I walk him through it… I made an excuse and left. Which leads me to #4.

4: Play your damn game. Full stop. There are contingencies based on your level and your progress in the story. Somebody who is high level probably hasn't done those missions since launch, 2 years ago… they cant magically make you appear in the launch room or in the gold vault. You are ruining you own experience by not exploring it yourself, and trying thier hospitality by asking 1000000 questions. There are plenty of youtube content providers who would love for you to watch thier videos and like/sub/alert them. Dont expect a tutorial from average Joe sitting in his easy chair trying to knock out his dailies before he gos to bed.


5: Help is for YOU, not your whole damn crew. This one is especially annoying. I dont know how many times I've helped out a newb one day, and he shows up with his whole family the next. And, of course, they all expect the same treatment as thier buddy. It's not just annoying, its ungrateful and shows lack of appreciation.

6: Learn to fish. Dont expect free fish everyday. Ask how to grind, not free spoils from thier grind. Learn what they do and do it yourself. Ask where stuff is, maybe they'll show you, maybe they'll give it to you, it just comes off better and more genuine than being helpless.

7: Mic etiquette, use it. It's bad bad bad form to eat, listen to music, have your dog barking (I could make a whole post about this alone) etc. Turn your mic off, have some perspective. Nobody wants to hear you yell at your kids, or your parents yell at you and so on. Squeakers are the worst at this, I hear a minors voice, it goes straight to mute.

This list could go on, I'm quite sure I've left a few things out. The bottom line is, try to use a little empathy for your benevolent benefactor and imagine if the shoe were on the other foot.. would what you are doing annoy you? Keeping this in mind will allow you to keep these High level heroes on your friends list for future help and freebies. And, if you're lucky, maybe someday you'll get a chance to actually pay them back with a rare plan or something else..

Last, remember to pay it forward. I've dumped huge stacks of known plans on low levels, low level legendaries, whatever you cant use, pay it down to another newbier than you. That's what it's all about.

Thanks for reading. Country roads/ad victorium/atom be with you/ever upwards… etc.

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