PSA: Here are some tips for the Cooking merit badge.

fallout 6 - PSA: Here are some tips for the Cooking merit badge.

There are other guides to pass to written exam, so I'll leave that out of this post. (but I hope you already knew the answer about cooking chicken…)

To start, every recipe you need (except S'mores) is sold by Antoine at Le Grand Gourmet, inside the Whitesprings. If you need a Chef Hat, Marie sells one of those at the same location. The S'mores recipe is a rare drop from the Campfire Tales event at Camp Adams – the event happens at night as soon as a player arrives at the camp, so it's easy to server hop for it. Good luck!

Now that learning the recipes is out of the way, some tips for gathering the ingredients you need for each meal. Remember to equip Green Thumb to harvest extra from plants.

  • Blackberry Honey Crisp: Cooking this requires Royal Jelly, one of the rarest and most confounding items in the game. To start, there's two variants of Royal Jelly with the same name and model. One is a junk item (I believe this is what Honey Beasts drop) and it's useless. The other is a consumable, and it's the important one. So far I've found only two places where it spawns: There's one in the Middle Mountain Cabins – behind one of the cabins is a grave, it's in the basket next to the grave. Another is at the very top of Tanagra Town, in a bathtub along with some moonshining supplies. It's on the second floor of the house at the very top. They're on a 24 hour respawn timer, which is a huge pain in the ass. Maybe some friends can help you.

  • Next is Brain Bombs: Brain Fungus can be found all over, but if you were already at the Whitesprings to grab recipes you can find some in the bathrooms of the Golf Club, or in the area across from the Service Entrance. For Sugar Bombs, you need the dirty version that gives you rads when you eat it: 2-3 are guaranteed to spawn at the top of the church steeple in Flatwoods, and they respawn with a server hop.

  • Cranberry Meatball Grinder: the annoying thing about this one is it requires Scorchbeast Meat, but Scorchbeasts also have a chance of dropping various organs instead of meat. The solution: search Scorchbeast corpses with the Butcher's Bounty perk, and it'll always provide meat. You also need regular Cranberries, not the diseased kind; a good place to look is the various overgrown Sundew Groves in the Cranberry Bog.

  • Seared Venison with Berries: Starlight Berries can be found at the Isolated Cabin south of Vault 76.

  • S'mores: Nothing tricky about this recipe. You know you can craft Razorgrain Flour and Syrup, right?

  • Sweet Roll: I already mentioned a good place to find Sugar Bombs for the Brain Bombs recipe, and that's the only tricky ingredient to find for Sweet Rolls.

  • Yao Guai Roast: Another easy one. Guaranteed Yao Guai Spawns are at the parking lot of the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, and the Dolly Sods Wilderness, among other places.

In short, the hardest things to find will be the S'mores recipe and Royal Jelly. Everything else just takes time and a little foraging. Hope this helps.

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