PSA: How to hunt the rare Charleston vendor

fallout 8 - PSA: How to hunt the rare Charleston vendor

The Charleston vendor is a very rare vendor the spawns at the little pond just across the train tracks from the Charleston train station. He is a unique vendor and shares a cap pool with watoga and gram. He sells the long hunter coat and the longshore coat.

How to spawn him

He is a triggered spawn, meaning you have to activate his spawn by running over a trigger point.

Get to the Charleston train station (cts) Head down the tracks and you'll see a small red bridge that the tracks go over. Cross this. Turn around and run back towards the cts.

You should have something spawn, normally scorched, ghouls, super mutants or a mothman.

If you see friendly robots, you got him. If you see any robots at all, check your shots to be sure they're hostile before you shoot.

Where exactly is he? He will be on the side of the pond closest to the cts, outside of the old beat up shack.

Did you get enemies and not the vendor? Kill them and server hop. Repeat the above.

How to make the most out of it? Do this with at least 1 other person who is also server hopping for him. When one of you finds him, keep him held still by opening his trade menu while the other person joins the world with the vendor. Make a team.


The vendor spawns with 2 clothing items, and his inventory is rerolled every time you sign back in to the server. His inventory is player specific, not server specific.

So, one of you will hold him still using the trade menu while the other force closes the game (this keeps the team together) – (force close by holding the psbutton and selecting "close application") and reopens and joins the world.

Expected times. Some people say they farmed him solo for 4 hours and found him once, others say they went at it solo for 4 hours and found him 20 times.

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It's hard to give an estimate but plan on about an hour with a team, and several hours solo to get the hunters long coat or item you're after.

He also always sells the same 2 plans, the cuckoo clock and the nuke cola clock.

Also be sure to have about 1000 caps if you want both coats, or 700 caps minimum for the hunters coat

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