PSA: Level 50 T-51b power armour has the best damage resistances (minus rads)

fallout 5 - PSA: Level 50 T-51b power armour has the best damage resistances (minus rads)

I made a post about looking for t-51 mods a while ago and was surprised to see people telling me to upgrade/saying it wasn’t good armour and so on.

The ultracite and x-01 pieces have the highest ballistic and energy resistance respectively, with ultracite having 68 ballistic and 60 energy on most pieces vs. 60 ballistic and 68 energy on the x-01. They’re tied for radiation resistance.

The level 50 t-51b has the best of both worlds (68 ballistic and energy resist) on most pieces, at the cost of lower radiation resist than x-01 and ultracite. However, radiation damage is the most negligible of the 3 given your already absurd rad resist in power armour as well as the existence of non-addictive rad resist chems.


I’ve been able to find pieces throughout cranberry bog, but the Surface to Air event guarantees you a piece of levelled T-51. Some of the event locations even have power armour stations so you might not have to kill scorchbeasts all day!

And finally, it’s the only set that has a skin you can find in game (edit: without rolling RNG). No 1800 atom bucks needed to be a nuka cola wasteland warrior. Look for a holotape near a tree stump just east of the Abandoned Bog Town.

Welcome to any discussion in the comments regarding this, cheers folks.

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