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fallout 8 - PSA Power Armor Details

Power Armor users, I summon thee.

Recently I discovered several things about our beloved power frames in Fallout 76 and since I haven't seen anyone talking about it, I'm gonna compile all the details about how Power Armors function in this game.


  1. Fusion Cores are back as the power source of all Power Armors. However this time the Fusion Cores lasts longer than in Fallout 4. How rare these are remains to be seen.

  1. Power Armors and Frames are now harder to come by. At a some point in the main quest you can find a terminal that holds details about the location of a Power Armor.

  1. This time, the different models of Power Armor are locked by level. The more advanced the model is, the more level you'll need to use the parts of said model. For example, in order to use a T-45 you must be at least level 25, if you come across a T-51 set you must be at least level 30, if you find a T-60 you must be at least level 40 and in order to use Raider Power Armor you must be at least level 15. Therefore I would say that is safe to assume that the less advanced models will require lower levels and the X-01 will require a higher level than the T-60.

  1. The inherent properties of the frame (with no Power Armor pieces) are back. That means that you can still use a frame and still get some benefits such as 60 damage resistance and immunity to fall damage. It has been confirmed that you can, indeed, still use a frame without a Fusion Core. However you won't be able to run. Also the Strength bonus is back, setting your Strength at 11 whenever you are using a frame regardless of the model that you use on that frame.

  1. If you take a Power Armor, be it a full set, a piece or a mere frame, it can not be stolen. The pieces are linked to you and you alone and no form of burglary is possible. However be careful. It appears you can only have one power armor frame. Power Armor can be dropped into a bag that anyone can loot. It’s also very heavy and taxing on your 400 weight loot limit, so be wary of collecting all the different types and models. However, by using this you can put the frame into your inventory, so you don't have to worry about leaving your Power Armor somewhere safe or secluded for you to retrieve it later. Also, the frames themselves can now be scrapped into materials, so be careful about that.

  1. Mods and customization are back, including the jetpack and a new model of T-51 specialized in mining operations that gives you a bonus to the minerals you collect.

Thanks for your time. I'll be updating this as more details start to surface.

See ya in Appalachia, fellow Ressies.


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