PSA: Prime Site planning.

fallout 3 - PSA: Prime Site planning.

I have noticed over past few days an increase of newer players fireing their first nukes at Fissure site prime. Which is cool. However I have noticed since last patch the amount of adds that show up during the fight have gone up considerably. Adds for those who don't know lingo are the extra assholes who show up and fight you that are not the queen. Anywho, from past attempt this is what I and I'm sure many others have pieced together as far as strategies for dealing with the event and hopefully kill that winged bitch.

1.) Try not to center your nuke on prime. If aimed properly you can do entire fight out of the haze and rads of the nuke zone. You can prob go down the list of the sub and find a picture of what I mean.

2.) And this one is key. DO NOT group up and fight her in the open. Out in the open is a total clusterfuck everyone has to fend for themselves vs the adds and no dmg gets done to the queen. Either go to drop site v9 or the BoS base down south Delta. If you choose either of these two locations ya can set up with melee dealing with adds and ranged shooting the flying bitch or lending support if melee is getting swamped. An added bonus to these locations there are plenty of areas around them she can land in.

3.) Heavy Gunners are good. Love the heavy Gunners. But not too much. Give em space. Don't jump in front of a guy with a heavy gun. Chances are it's a either a furious that ramps more hits on same enemy. Or an explosive. And step-in in front of him screws it up. May kill him if not built toward prevention.


4.) When she lands it's fucking on. Drop what u doing and hit her with all you got. Been packing around a Fatman but never saw a good place to try it? This is your moment to shine. The adds pile into the fight during this part it's all elbows assholes and claws up there. Let em fly. May not do any noticeable dmg to the queen but you will vaporized ALOT OF ADDS. and clear the way for the melee dudes to beat that bitch down. Wait a couple seconds and toss one more for good measure. Same goes for nuke grenades, orbital strikes etc. Plus it looks fucking awesome lol.

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5.) This one for low level peeps either lower than 50 or just hit 50. Your build not really set good till 65-70 and ya may not be doing as much dmg. But you can still help in this mess. You on res duty you see someone down help em up. Someone gets swamped? Use follow emote and toss some nades to try and draw attention to em. Peel adds off heavies. If none of this is needed tag as much as possible. Molotov are perfect for this.

6.) Looting down here is pointless. 9 times out of 10 the bodies are doing that spinning circle thing anyway. Focus on the fight itself till she dies then ya can see what you can scavange. I have had this problem even with my own loot bag down here. Once event ends and it settles out they usually straighten out but during battle it's hopeless.

7.) Anti armor is fucking amazing. May as well have named them scorched beast rape sticks. 'nuff said.

Well that's the highlights. I know it's the end boss fight but, Notice guys no where in this did I say fuck off lobbies no <50 players. Etc. But please comment your constructive ideas and pointers.

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