(PSA?) question/observation about legendary drops, a prior analysis, and reverse farming

fallout 8 - (PSA?) question/observation about legendary drops, a prior analysis, and reverse farming

I developed my legendary farming method based on what I read in this post:

The most notable thing to mention is that the writer identified a variable that stores a queue of legendary prefixes received, making them unlikely to come up later (at least until you've received all prefixes and the queue resets).

Because playing the same few minutes of game ad nauseam is literally a form of hell, I developed a method of reverse farming, which seems to have worked ok so far. Basically, I just play the game as normal. If I come across a legendary and it drops the right prefix, but on the wrong item, then I reload. According to the post above, it should save that prefix for a later drop.

I'm playing on survival, so legendaries pop open more often (though I'm thinking of putting in a mod that bumps it up even more). I'm level 34, and I have a mighty pipe bolt-action rifle (ideal for when it dropped), a chameieon leather chest and left arm piece (ideal), a cunning leather right arm piece (acceptable), and fortifying leather leg piece (acceptable). I think it's worked out pretty well so far, as I've only had to reload once in 34 levels.


This brings me to my observation. I'm starting to suspect that there is also a variable that also stores the item type from the legendary drop in a queue that works the same as the one for prefixes. Just for academic "funsies", I've decided to farm the National Guard Training Base using the traditional method. Using Survival Options. I have a save right outside the door prior to my first ever entry. At this point, I probably have between 100-200 drops, and I've noticed the following. I've had a single hunting rifle drop, a single 10mm drop, and maybe 2-3 leather armor pieces drop. I've also had zero pipe weapons (standard, revolver, bolt-action) drop, laser muskets, or raider armor pieces. These are all things that I have (crappy) legendary versions of drop previously (in some cases, two). Also, when a leather piece did drop, 2 of them were left legs (of which I have no legendaries).

This by itself, I would just write off as bad RNG (despite the sample size). Except, I've had multiple drops of radium/combat rifles, synth/combat armor, western/.44 revolvers, and other things of which I don't have a single legendary. I've had doubles drop of same item/same prefix (i.e. instigating western revolvers, powered combat armor chest pieces, etc.).

Putting the two together, and considering the same size. It just doesn't seem random to me. Has anyone else observed anything like this?

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