PSA Reminder Double Exp July 16-20 Saving The Lunchboxs And Get The Most Exp

fallout 3 - PSA Reminder Double Exp July 16-20 Saving The Lunchboxs And Get The Most Exp

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So let do some math. And see how high we can crank up this exp bonus.

(from reading and hear say Intelligence is about 2% extra exp)

So lets start with the small lists first

  1. Magazines

Only one bonus here Live and Love 8 5% exp when in a team.

  1. Event Bonus

The Path of Enlightenment gives 5% for communing with the Wise Mothman

  1. Bobbleheads

Leader is 5% Intelligence is 2 INT so 4%

  1. Perks

The talk on perks I say minimum grab Inspiration rank 3.

Also have night person but 3 INT 6% at half the time doesn't seem worth the points to me.

If you have said bobble heads or magazines grab curator for bonus time ( last I heard this perk was broken though /shrug)

Honestly though lets stack perks with mutations and grab class freak and strange in numbers.

  1. Mutations

For straight exp bonus grab Herd Mentality (btw this mutation actives if you start a public group even if your byself.) and egg head by yourself its 8 INT with Strange in Numbers Active 11 INT ( but lets be honest everyone is running Marsupial so -4 INT or – 1 with Class Freak

The big choice though is Herbivore vs Carnivore.

Personally if your running melee I would say use carnivore, everyone else should use herbivore.

  1. Food

The big one cranberry Relish 10% base 20% Herbivore 25% with strange in Numbers ( note cranberries are found in Sunfise Field. ) Recipe is found at the whitesprings cooking vendor.

Cranberry Cobbler 5% base 10% Herbivore 12% with strange in Numbers

Brain fugus soup 2 INT 4% base 4 INT 8% Herbivore 5 INT 10% with strange in Numbers

Tasty Squirrel Stew 10% base 20% Carnivore 12% with strange in Numbers ( honestly best of luck hunting squirrels reliably I cant recall seeing any since Fasnacht ended)

Canned Meat stew 5% base 10% Carnivore 12% with strange in Numbers ( I haven't tested if carnivore works so this is currently theorycraft) confirmed/disprove by ……..


Broiled Scorchbeast Brain 3 INT 6% base 6 INT 12% Herbivore 8INT 16% with strange in Numbers

Also have Brain Bombs with a base of 3 INT but farming this reliably seems problematic

Another meat food is scorchbeast mixed meat stew with 1 INT which atm would be wasteful.


This is the only bonus I'm covering that I honestly won't be bothering for personally, but an bring up.

Cranberry Nuka-Cola. Its 2% bonus for ??? Time. With thw cola nut perk it goes to 6% though I have only seen 1 of these in many many hours of play.

  1. Drugs

We have Mentats 2 INT 4% and Berry Mentats 5 INT 10% (do these still give all near by berry vision?) I recommend saving these short term bonus for Radiation Rumble, Line in the Sand, Project Paradise, and possible Encrypted.

  1. Rest

Resting at your camp or tent gives a 5%. Though I believe lunchboxes removeoverride this bonus.

  1. Lunchbox

The Holy Grail Lunchboxes. These give a bonus of 25% exp to not only you but a decent range around you to all players team mates or not. Each time a lunch box goes off it reset the 1 hour timer and gains and additional 25% exp bonus up to 100%. I would recommend opening 1 at an packed event and maybe a fellow survivor will join in the fun.

Though if playing solo I would open 1 run 50ish mins at 25% then open another run 50ish mins at 50% and so on. This seems more beneficial then just popping 4 at once.

  1. The run down.

High to low. Lunchbox 100% Food 25% (Relish or Squirrel) Food INT 5 10% herbivores or 8 16% carnivore Mutations 10 INT 20% with listed above set up Perks 15% Inspirational Drugs 5 INT 10% Soda 6% Event Bonus 5% Magazine 5% Bobblehead 5%

Total max 207% plus the weekend bonus so its over 300%

I personally though will be running about 170% most of the time using mutations, food, perks, lunchboxes and mostly friends.

Bonus. Public Groups The 2 choices I see are events and a huge 100% exp at completion or building with up to a 4 INT 8% for everything. My suggestion run build team and switch to event at the last third of an event.

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