PSA: Scortched Beast Queen post-patch and what is going on.

fallout 4 - PSA: Scortched Beast Queen post-patch and what is going on.


GreenSoup2HoT here and i'd like to talk about the Scortched Beast Queen and some issues you may be having.

I've recently run the SBQ 3 times post-patch and i think i've come to a conclusion on a couple issues the community has been going through trying to complete this event.

I've failed twice and completed the event once post-patch. This is to say i've completed the event easily 30 times pre-patch and only failed twice due to an issue im going to go into detail about that has occurred before this most recent patch.

Issue number 1: "Leash" mechanics.

  • A "Leach" mechanic is used in almost all MMORPG's you play. What it means is that any enemy you fight has an original spawn location and a set distance that enemy is aloud to move away from said location. If you exceed this distance usually the enemy will completely reset in health and/or become immortal then run back to its original spawn location or find another target such as a team-mate still inside this leash zone.
  • This issue occurs all the time in Fallout 76. You see Ghouls in whitesprings follow you then suddenly turn around and run back once it hits this maximum distance.
  • The SBQ has been having this exact same issue. If you pull the Queen to far away from her "Leash" location she will usually stop and go no further. If you happen to have aggro and attempt to shoot her from outside this Leash radius you will do 0 damage. In a perfect world she will quickly ignore you and find a new target and fly away to find something she can attack. Thus allowing everyone to damage her again since she is within her leashed zone.
  • The SBQ getting stuck outside her Leash Radius is a big issue right now. This is the most common occurrence of this so called "Immortal bug". Most people know by now you can nuke a little bit off fissure site prime and fight her outside the nuke zone. However i think the "leash" is not her spawn point but rather the center of the nuke zone. Which means if you pull her to far away outside of the zone she wont take damage. The SBQ is then bugging out and not resetting. Which means shes stuck immortal outside her leash zone.

Issue number 2: HP / Spawned ADD's scaling to maximum player count.

  • After fighting her 3 times post-patch i've concluded that she is scaling to her complete maximum player capacity even if there is only a few people participating in the event.
  • I believe this is the case because pre-patch i was chuncking her with my melee for about 5-10% damage per swing and killing her in under 5 minutes.
  • Now even without Adrenaline Reaction, my damage isn't all that bad. I should still be hitting her for a vast amount of damage. For some reason my damage was only about 0.25% per swing. Which ment a lot more swings to take her down.
  • The 1 time i killed her post-patch there was actually many people present. Which ment that alot of the weight (hp) from the fully scaled boss was distributed between more people.
  • I also noticed there was no difference between the damage i did to the queen when i was solo compared to 18 people post-patch. No more solo'ing the Queen it seems since she is always scaling to 24 people.
  • This would also explain the insane amount of enemies that are spawning.

Issue number 3 (just a rumor): Her Armor is not being debuffed by Armor Piercing.

  • She seems to be impossible to kill at the moment, if her 300 armor isn't being debuffed and adrenaline reaction is broken.. everyone's damage is being cut by 50% or more depending the amount of damage per bullet / swing you do.
  • If issue number 3 is correct that could explain why everyone believes her to be so strong since everyone's anti-armor weapons would technically be useless. Then her 300 armor would cut your damage to nothing if your weapon dealt 200 damage or less. High damage weapons being less effected by the 300 base armor.
  • I personally don't believe this is true because the awareness perk still functions correctly and reduces her armor value but that could just be the ui showing me what i want to see.

Issue number 4: Your weapon is actually broken but you can still swing/shoot it.

  • During one of my post-patch SBQ fights i noticed something very odd. My Anti-Armor/Swing Speed power fist broke when i wasnt even using it. I proceeded to repair it and it broke moments after while i was doing nothing.
  • Its possible with the amount of add's being spawned, that the damage you deal to the queen is being queued and not actually being dealt due to server issues. Then once the server caught up after the event ended, my damage was finally occuring.
  • The same thing happend to my armor, i was tanking the queen, after i repaired it when the event was over, my armor broke for no reason. I dont even know what to say about that.

These are the issues i believe to be occuring with the Queen. I hope this was at least somewhat informative. If you have any other issues or questions feels free to discuss here. I hope these issues i've discussed are the issues because the Queen fight honestly isn't to bad. Theres a ton more action and you need to be end-game ready to kill her. No more solo'ing or 4 man'ing the queen i guess.

Here is a list of basic tips for killing the Queen post-patch to avoid these issues:

  • Drop the Nuke beside Drop site V9 or the Delta station but ensure the spawn location is not within the nuke zone. This ensures if someone dies during the event, they wont spawn into a nuke zone without proper rad protection.
  • Bloodied and Anti-Armor are your go to legendarys for killing the Queen. However Anti-Armor is better if your weapon has lower damage per bullet/swing then Bloodied. Generally only Melee users want to be using Bloodied since they have the highest Armor piercing in the game at 75% with perks already. (This is just a tip. Not fact. I haven't tested every weapon in game so take this statement with a grain of salt).
  • Use Cryolaters the second she lands to keep her on the ground for longer.
  • Have at least 1 person using the Armor Debuff Syringer.
  • Do not spread out from each other. Stay behind the tank or whoever is tanking the queen.
  • Make sure someone is killing the ADD's always. There is tons of scortched with ranged weapons that like to hide behind trees and be a general pain. You can't kill the Queen if your always being staggered by ADD's.
  • Make sure someone is crippling the queen while she flies in the air. This makes her land more often.
  • Pick up ALL loot ALWAYS when possible. This ensures the server doesn't get bogged down.
  • Do not let the Queen get to far away from the nuke zone or she may bug out.
  • Do not stand somewhere the Queen cannot get to you. This causes problems and prevents her from landing if she has aggro on you (for example sitting on the fence by drop site v9).

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