PSA: Slap damage. Results of an extensive, although not exhaustive, test suite.

fallout 2 - PSA: Slap damage. Results of an extensive, although not exhaustive, test suite.

As a followup to my original post here, I did a bunch of tests to explore more rumors about ways around slap damage. Here are my results.

Previous tests I've done have shown me that slap damage is in fact capped at 5hp. I decided to dig deeper.

Target: Alt account, level 21 character wearing level 20 combat armor, 130DR, 71ER, 0 RR.

No combat perks.

A few mutations, none affecting damage, but including Electrically Charged.

Test attackers:

Bloodied HW/explosives build for some weapons

Bloodied VATS sniper for other weapons.

Participants ARE "friends" but not in a group.

Premise 1: Slap damage is capped per-hit ONLY.

Test scenario: use high ROF weapons to see if you can cheese through slap damage.

Test weapon: Bloodied 25% fire rate LMG

Test fire 1: 1 bullet. Result: 5 hp taken by target.

Test fire 2: 9 bullet burst (not intentional, that's just how many went off when I tapped the button; likely less but certainly not more than 1 second of fire) from point blank range. Result: 5hp taken by target.

Conclusion: slap damage is not capped based on HIT, it's capped at X amount per second. Test tools too imprecise to determine exactly what, but assumption is it's 5hp/second.

Further testing advised: With other fast weapons like Rippers, Buzz Blades, Miniguns. Results likely the same, but thoroughness is commendable.

Premise 2: Radiation weapons will ignore/bypass slap damage.

Test scenario: Use radiation weapons (radium/gamma gun) to attack target.

Test weapon: Bloodied radium rifle.

Test fire 1 bullet. Results: 5 HP direct damage taken, <1 radiation damage taken per UI notice by health bar.

Repeat 1 bullet 3 more times, same result each time.

Followup test: Initiate full PVP by retaliating with test subject and then firing again.

Results: full expected damage taken after PVP initiated, including 15 radiation damage. Information of note here: The bonus radiation damage is NOT affected by ANY multipliers (excluding headshots; attempting a headshot was not attempted and so remains unverified if "weak spots" apply bonus damage).

Conclusion: Radiation from radiation weapons is actually capped significantly lower than 5 damage.

Further testing needed: With a Gamma gun, in case the mechanics work differently with that weapon.

Premise 3: Environmental explosions will ignore slap damage

Test Scenario: Explode a car next to target.

Test weapon: Cop car. Target standing on top of.

Test fire 1 (high damage) bullet resulting in instant explosion of vehicle. Result: Target took zero explosion damage, but started taking normal residual radiation damage.

Test fire 2 (low damage bullet) resulting in car igniting, and then exploding several seconds later on it's own. Result: Same as test fire 1.

Followup test: Initiate full PVP by retaliating with test subject, THEN shooting the car. Result: Car explosion "downed" target instantly, allowing for a stim-revive.

Conclusion: Environmental damage triggered by a player still adheres to slap damage limits.

Further testing needed: If this is true for all potential player-triggered environmental damage: Explosive barrels, traps triggered by tripwires.

Premise 3: Retaliatory damage will initiate PVP

Test scenario: Attempt to trigger full PVP attacking target in melee and getting hit by retaliation mutation

Test weapon: Attacker is naked, with a bowie knife. Target has Electrically Charged mutation. Both targets are NOT in "pacifist".

Test fire 1: knife attacks until mutation triggers. Results: Zero damage from mutation, full PVP not initiated. Zero damage on both participants, actually. Which is good, but interesting.

Repeat test 3 more times, same results.

NOT TESTED: Reflect on block effects, Unstable Isotope mutation, Reactive Plates or welded rebar power armor mods.


Conclusion: Test too limited to be conclusive for ALL retaliatory damage, but at least in the case of this one mutation, it does no damage to players until full PVP is engaged.

Further testing needed: With other types of retaliatory damage, as listed in NOT TESTED section. It's likely that the mutation falls under the "explosive effects" category, whereas reflective damage from things like Reactive Plates is much more directed and may in fact initiate PVP.

Premise 4: mininukes ignore/overcome slap damage limitations.

Test scenario: Attack with mininukes, in VATS and out

Test weapon: Bloodied mininuke. pip-boy damage listed as 5200

Test fire 1: Vats-targetted on body. Results: Less than 5 damage taken.

Test fire 2: Vats-targetted on body. Results: Less than 5 damage taken.

Test fire 3: Free-aim at feet of target. Results: Zero damage taken.

Test fire 4: repeat of 3. Results: Repeat of 3.

Conclusion: Explosive effects don't do ANY slap damage. Damage from tests 1-2 was a result of the (very small) direct-impact damage associated with missiles/mininukes. Correlates with other tests that show grenades also do zero slap damage.

Premise 5: "enough" damage "breaks" the damage cap.

Test scenario: Use a bloodied vats sniper sneak critical headshot for maximum damage. Include 2.5x sneak multiplier and 2.4x critical multiplier.

Test weapon: Assassin's exploding Blackpowder rifle. Pip-boy damage listed at 1175

Test fire 1: vats-crit sneak headshot on target. Result: 5 damage

Test fire 2: repeat test 1. Result: same as test 1.


I'm unsure if the multipliers work sequentially off each other, or individually off the base damage, and then added. I presume the former, but here's math for either case:




3231×2.6 (critical)=8401

8401×2 (headshot)=16802

Base damage:






Conclusion: If there's a limit that "breaks" slap damage, it is absurdly high and requires substantial proof to be believed.

*addendeum* I forgot that the sniper also has Eagle Eye mutation, so the critical damage would actually be higher. I'm not redoing the math as it further supports the conclusion.

Premise 6: Explosive legendary effect's area damage ignores slap damage.

Test scenario: Attack the ground around target's feet with an explosive legendary weapon. Target is on a smooth, flat surface.

Test weapon: Assassin's exploding Blackpowder rifle. Pip-boy damage listed at 1175

Test fire 1: Aimed between target's feet. Results: Target took zero damage

Test fire 2: Aimed slightly differently between target's feet. Results: Target took zero damage.

Test fire 3: Get close, and again aim at target's feet. Results: Target took zero damage. Attacker died.

Test fir 4: Get close, and pick a new aim point at target's feet. Results: Target took zero damage. Attacker died.

Conclusion: Explosive legendary effect is the same as mininukes, grenades, and player-triggered car explosions- no effect until PVP is fully initiated.

Further testing possible: With other explosive legendary weapons like shotguns, or miniguns. Unlikely to see different results but worth exploring for thoroughness.

Conclusion of entire test suite:

Currently, No evidence found of ANY way to "break" slap damage. Any future claims as such will require substantial documentation to be entertained. Inconclusive if retaliatory damage can initiate full PVP, further testing needed.

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