PSA: The 400 lb storage limit is shared across ALL containers on your C.A.M.P

fallout 7 - PSA: The 400 lb storage limit is shared across ALL containers on your C.A.M.P

There is a CRAZY amount of misinformation on this topic in this sub and pretty much everywhere else online. As it currently stands, the maximum amount of storage you can have at your C.A.M.P is 400. That is the limit of each player's personal stash, and that stash(and therefore also the limit) is shared with your C.A.M.P storage and any other container placed on your C.A.M.P. This means:

  • Any container placed in your camp is purely cosmetic

  • You can't just "build more boxes" and exponentially increase your base inventory space.

  • You can't build false floors or hide shit in walls.

  • There is no such thing as vulnerable storage because there is no other kind of storage other than the players inventory and their personal stash.

  • Turrets are almost completely unnecessary except for using them as a resource dump when you inevitably max out your inventory a couple of hours into the game, or to defend your little radioactive fruit farm from other players.

  • Defending your C.A.M.P is more or less pointless because the only thing other players can loot are resources (crops,fruit,water, stuff like that). EDIT: Claimed workshops can also be looted, and it marks the player wanted for stealing

  • If a player breaks into your base and unlocks one of your containers, they are met with their own storage/stash. There was a pretty popular post on here after the first beta that I can't find right now,which revolved around this guy who thought he robbed someone else's stash, but later realized it was his own.


I really, REALLY hope that this limit is in place only for the B.E.T.A so that people don't over-hoard and create too big of an advantage over everyone who didn't pre-order. If this is working as intended for launch then… I don't know. I'm not cancelling anything, and I'm still going to play the game and look forward to it, but it wouldn't really feel like a bethesda game if this limit remains in place. And just to be clear I'm not talking about the "safe" stash limit. I'm fine with that staying at 400. The limit that I'm talking about, that goes against the core philosophy of other BGS titles, is this idea of having just one shared inventory at your base.

Also, junk items still weigh something, even when broken down. People keep saying that Daddy Pete said we could store infinite base materials, when all he said is that he's not aware of a limit

A side note -to me what's worse than the misinformation being spread, is the people who are actively defending this as a design choice, and saying stuff like "just don't loot junk you don't need" or "its a survival game, this is just another survival feature", or the craziest one I've heard yet"you should lose the power armor. That's taking up the majority of your space and it's literally useless to you right now…just …please stop telling other people how to play the game, and stop pretending like this isn't going to be a glaring issue for even casual players after the first month.


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