PSA: The unsung hero of the heavy weapon category: The Gatling Gun

fallout 4 - PSA: The unsung hero of the heavy weapon category: The Gatling Gun

TLDR: The Gatling Gun is a BEAST.


It has no spinup time.

It delivers as much DPH as a high end assault rifle.

A carefully chosen single star legendary (Bloodied) OHK’s glowing bloated feral ghouls on a proper (AR/NR2/GS3/Adrenaline5) damage stack.

It goes through 30 bloated zombies with zero reloads. On a standard mag.

It needs to be repaired maybe once every 5 such hoards. Unheard of elsewhere in F76 ballistic weapons.

It uses ammo crafted in batches of 180 rounds (with Ammo Smith 2) and weighs virtually nothing. Come with a few thousand and you’ll outlast everyone else. Come with ten thousand and two gatlings and you’ll outlast the server.

Recoil negligible.

On a hasty receiver shoots about 3 rounds per second. An automatic rifle shoots 5, but that’s the wrong comparison.

The right comparison is to how many glowing bloated ghouls a super sledge kills (averaging – time running and whacking divvied up by ultimate number of kills).

The Gatling averages at 3 kills per second.

Another advantage is that it’s proximity-safe (so beware the explosive varieties!) and works wonders when 30 bloaties, 3 scorchies and a player’s turret-full base on the back of the tennis court buildings in whitesprings grind you down to 1FPS. Just keep moving back and shooting. All things running/jumping at you will die.


Aiming – aiming is hard because there’s no cross hair unless you’re in third person, but it’s surprisingly accurate once you work out on hunch where it’s actually pointed. (I’d be very very wary of two-shot legendaries as well until I tested one, as two-shot destroys accuracy and makes you miss over half of what you shoot – it’s a farce really). Aiming with it is a human player skill (read: your own 3D shooter skill, not that of your in-game character) that needs to be acquired. I’ll also say that once you acquire it it largely stops being an issue. I’ve gotten to the point where I can lay it down with an (nowhere near perfect but) acceptable hit rate on flying ScorchBeasts. Something the sledge wielding heavy hitting boys and girls around me can’t do.

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To sum up, looks 19th century primitive, but hands down one of the more no-nonsense, practical cans of hardcore whoop-ass in the game.

PS: If you have a max-level bloodied/25% increases fire rate/furious one, you can have my firstborn for it.

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