PSA – This is how Daily Ops rewards work

fallout 8 - PSA - This is how Daily Ops rewards work

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how the Daily Ops reward tiers work. Here's an overview:

Standard Rewards: Normal XP, 1 Legendary Item, 1 Currency (Caps, Scrip, or Bullion Note), 1 Care Package (Contextual Ammo, Stimpaks, RadAway, Grenades)


Initiate Tier (16 minutes or less completion): Additional XP, 5% Chance at "Rare Reward"

Paladin tier (12 minutes or less completion): 1 Additional Legendary Item, 10% Chance at "Rare Reward"

Elder (8 minutes or less completion): Additional Currency (Caps, Scrip, or Bullion Note), 80% Chance at "Rare Reward"

NOTE: You can only get these ONCE PER 24 HOURS

DOUBLE NOTE: If you're under level 50, the "Rare Rewards" you get aren't going to be the unique Daily Ops rewards. They're going to be existing non-unique game items.


So wait… should I complete the Daily Ops 3 three times to get the best chance at rewards?

No. Unlocking Elder Tier unlocks both Paladin and Initiate in addition to Standard Rewards. Unlocking Paladin unlocks both Initiate and Standard Rewards

I'm not following… so what if I only complete the operation in 12 minutes the first time?

Then you get Standard, Initiate and Paladin rewards and you can try as much as you want to get Elder Tier.

But uh… what do I get if I hit Elder Tier after hitting Paladin previously?

Are you not listening? You get Elder Tier rewards as well as Standard Rewards.

So what about Uncommon Rewards though? Can I get those every time?

Rare Rewards includes everything you can get not detailed above. The distinction between Uncommon and Rare isn't relevant when it comes to the tiers. You're referring to some terminology uncovered with rewards data mining.


So what exactly are Rare Rewards then?

Knock yourself out chief: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/isgjgf/psa_list_of_daily_ops_rewards_coming_tomorrow_for/

Edit: More information – thanks Daemoni73 and Gilpo!


I'm super confused. Exactly how many of these Rare Rewards can I get a day?

0 – 3. You have a 5% roll, a 10% roll, and a 80% roll. Good luck.

But what if I complete Elder Tier and I didn't get any extra rewards?

Then you're SOL buddy. Try again tomorrow.

Can't I keep playing Daily Ops the same day to get these?


But what if I really want to keep playing Daily Ops that day?

Go for it – you'll get Standard Rewards, loot off the bodies, XP for kills, as well as a personal sense of satisfaction

What if I'm not level 50? What do I get on these Rare Item rolls?

You still get some plans for existing game items – they're just not the unique ones made for Daily Ops.

But what if I really, really want the War Glaive and I'm only level 32?

Gain 18 levels and follow the steps above.

I'm still incredibly confused…

No problem. Just start reading from the top of this post again and you'll get it eventually.

Thank you for coming to the TED Talk that I'm sharing with u/Grifasaurus.

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