PSA: Two Shot is ALWAYS better than Anti-Armor (yes, POST-NERF)

fallout 4 - PSA: Two Shot is ALWAYS better than Anti-Armor (yes, POST-NERF)

Please read the EDIT before making decisions!

I really hope this blows up, because people are completing unfair deals for AA and it isn't cool. TS is majorly underrated at the moment, after once being so highly viewed, and I hope to change that.

Okay, so I've known about this since the nerf on TS about a month ago. I was curious to see just how bad the nerf was, and in the process discovered that I should never go for AA on ranged weapons!

I simply haven't it posted about it because at that time, I was searching for TS to buy and I wanted to keep prices low. Sneaky, I know. 😂

I've told a few people here and there, but never posted.

FO4 and FO76 use a formula for the multiplier that is applied to a weapon's damage that will be dealt to an enemy depending on their resistances. You can easily find it on the internet. This is it:

((Damage/DamageResist).366 ).5

So, if a weapon does 100 ballistic damage against 50 ballistic resist, the formula is ((100/50).366 ).5

You then multiply that answer by 100 (because the answer is the multiplier, and 100 is the weapon's raw damage that you multiply by), and that's the damage that the hit will deal to that enemy.

Now, let's say you use that 100 damage (when nonlegendary) weapon against the SBQ. The SBQ has the highest resistances, both ballistic and energy, of any enemy in the game. You may think that because of this, AA would do better than TS, right? Nope, even against the SBQ, TS is better. Let's do the math:


TS, post-nerf, is +25% damage. AA is -50% enemy resist. Plug in the numbers for a 100 ballistic damage weapon against a 185 ballistic resist Queen, and you get:

TS = ((125/185).366 ).5

AA = ((100/92.5).366 ).5

Read:  Fallout 76: Patch 10.5 Notes – June 25, 2019

Once you find the answers, you multiply them by the damage of the weapon that the formula is for, as mentioned earlier.

Once you do that, you get about 54 damage for a TS, and about 51 damage for an AA.

Yup, even against the most heavily armored enemy in the game, TS is better than AA. Keep in mind that the lesser the resist, the bigger the margin that TS is better by, because AA depends on resist to make a difference.

You can try it yourself. Plug in 1 damage, 200 damage, it doesn't matter, against the Queen. TS is always better.

I just hope this blows up, because even if it's not a huge deal, it still largely affects the trading of TS and AA weapons between players, and I know tons of people would be affected.

Just as a side note, all legendary effects with increasing damage (Bloodied, Furious, etc) cap out at +50%, so consider that when comparing with TS (+25%)!

EDIT: Remember, TS is only less accurate when hipfired or in VATS! So, this is a problem for VATS builds. This is the same mechanic as with Twisted Muscles; it decreases accuracy, but only for hipfire and VATS, not ADS. All weapons (except shotguns, explosives, and Dragons) have 0 spread when ADS. Also, in PvP, players can have more resist, so this only applies to PvE.

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