PTS Patch 21 Info

fallout 8 - PTS Patch 21 Info

Some info about PTS and patch notes

We just released a new update for the PTS, which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights from the update: Enemies

Wendigo Colossus: The Wendigo Colossus’s Fear effect no longer sometimes causes the player’s ammo to be unloaded from their current magazine when Fear wears off.


Chally’s Milk: Can now be sold to Vendors for Caps.

Cursed Pickaxe: Modifying a Cursed Pickaxe no longer removes the “Cursed” prefix from its name.

Perk Cards

Adrenaline: Now applies its damage bonuses correctly after enemy kills.

Robotics Expert: Equipping Robotics Expert no longer prevents players from trading with Vendor bots.

Legendary Perk Cards

Cleave: Has been renamed “Hack and Slash,” and its area of effect damage no longer affects the player.

Fire Lining: Has been renamed “Sizzling Style,” and it now affects Power Armor in addition to other armor types.

Anti-Venom: Has been renamed “Funky Duds,” and it now affects Power Armor in addition to other armor types.

Quests and Events

A Colossal Problem: Now awards 8 Treasury Notes instead of 4 after successfully completing the event.

A Colossal Problem: Fixed an issue that could cause a player who died during the final minute of the event to become control locked after being placed outside Monongah Mine.

A Colossal Problem: Wendigos can now drop Flamer Fuel when killed by a Flamer.

A Colossal Problem: A quest target now correctly appears during the “Pick up Holotape” objective.

A Colossal Problem: Fixed an issue that could prevent the notification that A Colossal Problem is starting from appearing to all players in a World.


Meat Week: Honeybeasts and the Bee Swarms they spawn no longer fight each other.

Meat Week: Players now correctly receive a notification when they acquire the Meat Sweats buff after turning in Prime Meat during Grahm’s Meat Cook event.

Something Sentimental: Fixed an issue that could block quest progress when speaking with Maggie if the player had already completed A Colossal Problem before starting Something Sentimental.

Vital Equipment: Fixed an issue that could prevent Vital Equipment from progressing if the player killed the Raider Thief before talking to Ward.

Stability & Performance

Connectivity: Addressed an issue that could result in the player being disconnected when loading into a world or during gameplay.

Loading: Addressed an issue that could result in an infinite loading screen when transitioning into or out of Monongah Mine.

Client Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the client to crash for PC players running the Windows 7 OS.

Client Stability: Fixed a client crash that could occur when feared by the Wendigo Colossus.

User Interface

Main Menu: On PC, pressing TAB after opening the Main Menu from the Map now correctly returns the player to the Map view.

Respawn: The respawn option no longer appears on the screen when auto-respawning during A Colossal Problem.


Monongah Mine: Fixed multiple locations inside Monongah Mine that the player could jump to and completely avoid event hazards, Wendigo spawns, and Wendigo Colossus attacks during A Colossal Problem.

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