PTS Rant, Episode III. Revenge of the perk coins.

fallout 4 - PTS Rant, Episode III. Revenge of the perk coins.

Previously on "PTS Rant":

Remove the Perk Coin system entirely for God's sake.

"Remove the perk coin system" strikes back.

Ok, so I went to PTS recently and decided to count how many perk coins will I get with the new system on my level 639 main char and what will it take. You know, the new resource the devs invented for us to spend for legendary perk upgrades.

So… Just to start, I got 0 coins and 412 unspent level ups. It's 412 times to press "Pick a perk" button. 412 clicks on Pick a perk picture. Confirm the perk I've chosen 412 times. Select that perk from the library. Press "scrap perk" button 412 times. Now we're at 824 coins.

Not fun enough for you? Wait a bit more, we're getting there!

Now there are 55 unopened perk packs. Let's press "open perk pack" 55 times. "Back" button needs to be pressed 55 times to not wait while the perk packs open, which takes quite some time, especially when it stacks dozens of times. Is it fun yet? Not really, but bear with me.

Now we got 220 new cards that are scattered around all 7 stats in the card library. So I guess it's "goto step 0" all over again. But now with a twist. Are you ready for some really fun stuff? Sure you do. Now we need to isolate every new card without mixing it up with the ones we need AND press "Scrap perk" once for each. 220 times in total. Ok, presuming you're still having fun after doing all that stuff above, we're now at 440 + 824 = 1264 coins. So much fun!

Now let's scrap the rest of my library which is about 200 excess cards not tied to the loadouts I use. (Yes, perk loadouts. The presets of the cards easily switchable depending on the situation. On the fly. The feature that should be there day 0. Two years ago. Thank God we got that mod pretty early on.)

200 clicks on the cards I don't need after finding each one and not accidentally clicking on the ones I still need. 200 times to press "Scrap perk".

Now we're at 1664 perk coins. Oof. Never had so much fun in my life to be pretty damn honest with you 😀


And yeah, 1664 coins is not that much really. I don't know how much perks got lost because I had duplicates before. (A bug where if you have the same card of every rank, each consequently received one got discarded) And of course I used to play around with my builds a lot, so that's about 70-100 level up points spent to switch specials. Which is equal to 140-200 lost coins without knowing that we're gonna need 'em to upgrade legendary perk cards. If nothing of that would've happened, I guess I'd have about 2000 coins by now. Maybe more. it's ~4.5 perks worth of upgrades. Right now I only can have 3 full upgrades out of 6 available. And I believe I'm in a minority of players with highest level characters among all the playerbase. Is it supposed to be this way really?..

Frankly, after all that pure tedium fun I don't really think I even wish to spend any of these coins for any legendary perks we got there. Committing to permanent perk upgrades with no turning back in the game, where every minor update can completely break virtually anything, including how perks/guns/armor/stealth/other game aspects work (without any hope for a fix for coming months) is a little bit too much to ask.

Of course, I didn't resort to doing all that I described for the sake of my sanity. Just counted the amount of coins I'd have. I believe no one in their right mind would love doing all that stuff, even on a much smaller scale. There are computers that can do math for people these days for God's sake. Would be great to have them count level ups for us and give us the reward without a plethora of the middle steps described above. As a token of appreciation for the time we spend in game, you know.

So, my main question is: Bethesda, can you please elaborate on whether or not these issues I described are gonna be resolved in next iterations of PTS before all that stuff will go live and lead to yet another publicity disaster?

TL;DR: It's all about that perk coin system that's absolutely tedious and improperly designed. And my experience with it. If you're new to the Public test server concept and don't know what the legendary perks and coins are, you can read the posts I linked above for more thorough explanation.

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the gold kind people! Much appreciated!

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