PTS rant: Remove the Perk Coin system entirely for God’s sake.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - PTS rant: Remove the Perk Coin system entirely for God's sake.

Disclaimer: English's not my native language, so let me apologize in advance for any inconsistencies and typos, I hope you'll get the idea -)) Also, PTS forum anti-spam system wouldn't allow to post this for Todd knows what reason.

First of all, I gotta say I wasn't a fan of current legendary perk system from the start. As a quite an experienced player (~1700h in game, cumulative lvl 750+ account-wide) I found the concept of many of the perks introduced as unimaginative, uninteresting and moreso not really legendary at all. There were lots of posts on the PTS forum with great suggestions about how truly legendary perks might look like and what players would really like to invest their time in acquiring​, I won't speak about the perks themselves here. The point of my post is that the entire perk coin system that stands behind perk upgrades as we see it now is redundant and poses an example of bad design.

Here's my 2c on this topic:

  1. It's just a cumbersome and pointless mini-game, another layer of grind we never asked for. Spending level-ups to gain perk cards to choose carefully which ones to scrap to get perk coins to get legendary perk upgrades is… quite a bit of a chore as many of you may've seen even without playing at the PTS at all.

Why not just have our levels to serve as a Legendary Level Points Pool, the size of which would govern how many slots we can have, the pool from which points can be taken to upgrade perk cards we want. And if we don't want the card in our loadout anymore, we just remove it, and the level points are refunded back to the pool. (Just like current perk system works, e.g.: You got 15 points in STR, you can't put there any number of cards with total of 15 stars and swap them with any others as long as you don't go over 15 stars in total. If you remove the cards you don't lose stat points you had before)

For example you got 180 levels and the requirement to upgrade every consecutive rank for each perk is 30 level points with addition of base cost of 30 points for the 1'st star . With the system I propose you'd be able to equip one perk with 4* (120lp) and one with 2* (60 lp) for a total of 180 level points. Or swap the 4* one with two other 2* legendary perks.

We spent hundreds of hours to gain our precious levels, why do we need another layer of grind to get the rewards after investing so much time in the game already? The system I propose would work as the current perk system does and would let us use legendary perks freely to our soul's content as long as we got enough levels to accommodate the upgrades.

  1. Scrapping animated perk cards for points is a bad idea, that goes against this game's perk system CCG nature.

2.a. As many people here on the forum already stated: Why make two mutually exclusive systems? Special versions of perk cards that are animated on one hand and a system that rewards players to get rid of the cards they meticulously collected to make their perk decks look better on the other hand – that does not make sense at all. These two systems do not synergize well from a logical standpoint.


2.b. Making perk scrapping a mini-game with some benefits is an interesting idea but its current implementation must go away in favor of system that makes tidying your perk screen less cumbersome process…

2.c. And also less punishing for players who already spent their animated perks to upgrade other animated ones. There's no way we get the points back for all these irreversibly lost perk cards and it will create a huge disparity in same level players' abilities to accumulate perk coins.
All of the above kinda leads us to the next point:

  1. Gaining Perk Coins/Upgrading legendary perks by scrapping regular perk cards system must go away.

As a matter of fact the rate of coin accumulation will eventually come to a stall since higher levels require much more time to achieve. Eventually, you will end up in a situation where your playstyle will no longer let you gain enough coins to respec and upgrade other perks in a timely manner.

Considering coins are a limited/finite resource that's the point in game we all eventually will come to. And what if you already spent all of your hard-earned 300 (500? 1000?) levels (hell, even 200 levels is virtually unachievable for a casual player) worth of coins to upgrade your perks and then the devs announce new perks incoming that you might want to use and upgrade? Most likely you'll see these new perks as a major no-go since it's gonna be literally impossible to level up so many times to afford at least one upgrade not to say 2 or 3 in forseeable future.

As I already said: If we already spent lots of time and in-game resources to gain said levels, why would we need to grind even more to be able to use the perks we like? And who in their right mind would like to overcome the pure tedium of current legendary perk upgrade process?

Here's an unpopular opinion: it looks to me like they were setting up yet another inconvenience for us to struggle with only to eventually introduce atomic shop lots of perk coins for those who want to alleviate the need to grind levels for hundreds of hours just to upgrade yet another “legendary perk”.

Well, we can't make that happen. This is our chance to vote against such system that might lead to “pay to level up/pay to progress” feature implementation. And to vote against tedious and unfun “mini-games” that could be replaced with much more user-friendly, convenient and logical ones. We just need to speak up or we will end up with the game we would rather not play at all if such bad design decisions will persist throughout the development process. I don't really hope for much in this department because of how much people's good will they already burned through.

But yet there's always hope.

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