Public Events: I am Begging You

fallout 5 - Public Events: I am Begging You

This might get downvoted by a lot of people, but that's ok. I have two characters, one is level 275 l and the other is level 325, and I've recently noticed something in the FO76 in-game community that bothers me. We all know that after the last big dupe, legacy weapons became super common. I myself managed to get a BEFr Gatling Plasma in a trade, and I'm realistic in realizing it was probably duped.

Recently, probably because of the seasons and legendary perk xp grind, I've noticed that almost every public event has at least one person who sits right near an enemy spawn point, just far enough so they don't mess up the spawn, and then they carpet bomb the spawns with a legacy explosive energy weapon. The result is that around 95% of the total enemy spawns get killed by a single player, and everyone else gets the scraps. This is really common at "Line in the Sand," where someone usually posts up on the cliff across the street, then uses a BE flamer to sweep all the Scorched away before anyone else can get a tag.

I had an especially annoying situation yesterday, when I opened four lunchboxes before LITS, so that everyone there could get double XP buffs. This level 650 gives me a heart emote as thanks, then jetpacks up to the cliff and proceeds to kill every single enemy before anyone else could get in on the action. Literally every person there was giving angry or thumbs down emotes. I actually messaged them and politely asked that they use a different weapon at public events on this server, and they responded "just git gud, cuck." I messaged back that I have a BE Gatling Plasma, but I choose not to use it at public events because it's rude.


To all the people who have managed to obtain those godlike legacies we all covet so much, I have a humble request. When playing on a public server, please don't spawn camp mobs with OP explosive legacies unless you are the only person at an event. Private servers still have events, and you won't mess up anyone else. If you don't have FO1st, and you REALLY need to do this, DM me and I'll add you on PSN so you can use my private server.

Can we please all agree that, just as it is not polite to one shot kill legendary enemies at public events, it is not polite to use godlike legacy weapons to spawn camp public events, killing everything without letting anyone else get a tag. I'm a healthcare worker, and don't have much time to relax right now. It's a huge bummer when I go to play some fallout, use 400 gold worth of lunch boxes, but can't get a single tag at most public events on the server. -Thank you for reaching

TLDR: A lot of ppl are spawn-camping public events, using overpowered explosive legacies, killing all of the mobs before anyone else can get a tag. This is super rude and frustrating. Please don't do this on public events/servers. If you need access to a private server to farm events, DM me.

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