Public Teams: The Ultimate Shortcomings

fallout 8 - Public Teams: The Ultimate Shortcomings

Public Teams fall short in one very specific way, they lack incentive to use other teams. While I have no specific percentages of the bias I can safely assume Casual is at the very least, the most active of the teams nowadays, with its intelligence boost which by extension means extra XP. Followed by Daily Ops teams for well… Daily Ops. Events is usually the last major team of the bunch and nowadays is pretty scarce.

I propose changing the bonuses to give better incentive to use more than just two of the teams.

Bonuses:Casual: change Intelligence to an outright, raw percentage, 5% per person, that's a little more than what the original team bonus gave(3%). This still further incentivizes using this team by a natural XP boost, but equalizes out at 20% with a four player team at max bond.

Hunting: As of right now, hunting is a very niche team, it gives extra xp per legendary enemy, which would be nice… If you were swimming in legendary enemies. I propose to change this to an innate meat gathering buff. 10% per player, becoming on par with with Rank 1 "Butcher's Bounty".

Exploration: Endurance is nice and all for health, but overall it's not exactly a very incentivizing buff. As of now, one point of Endurance = 5 HP, so four players would just be +20 HP. I propose to change the bonus of Exploration to an all around container looting buff, similar to that of Butcher's Bounty(but not taking on the buff from my proposed Hunting change because then everyone would just pick this over Hunting), Pharma Farma, Can Do, Scrounger, Cap Finder, etc. Again, equal to that or less of their Rank 1 counterparts at four players.


Daily Ops: Daily Ops teams are only really viable for calling in players and doing the first Op of the day, they are much less effective after the first Op as you don't get as much XP after the first one. I propose to change this to a 25%(per player) extra ammo per kill bonus as well as +10% XP(per player) per kill. This further incentives doing more Ops. While ammo is hardly an issue with Ops, it's still nice to get more.

Roleplay: This one is a bit tricky since it's just badly named unless specifically for just "role" playing the game, overall its base bonuses is Charisma, which boosts rewards and XP from quests and events. It doesn't really need a buff, more or less just a clearer description.

Events: This one is also tricky because I don't think it really needs too big of a change, though Events as a whole don't really give a lot of XP even if you have a full team with this bonus on. Usually most events are on par with killing a single Super Mutant as far as I can tell.

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