Pulowski Preservation Protection Service (CAMP Designers) for all consoles for caps

fallout 8 - Pulowski Preservation Protection Service (CAMP Designers) for all consoles for caps

Hello there Wastelanders!

We at Pulowski are proud to proclaim that we have expanded all around the West Virginia area! And with increased sightings from man and beast alike, it is time to trade your shack in for a Pulowski Product! Remember that a Pulowski Product protects people from predators like Prevy Peter and his personal protection, or your bottlecaps back! Also, We are now doing personal commisions, so if you have a will and a dream we will gladly make it come to life…. For a price that is!

Now, for our service:


Standard Pulowski Defense Package: 250 Caps: (5 Missile Turrets, One Watchtower)

'Rat Repellent' Missile Array: 500 Caps: (10 Missile Turrets, Three Watchtowers)

'Lighting Bug' Land Mine System: 300 Caps: (20 Arc Mines Remote control by Switch) (Can Be upgraded)

'ARS Mark III' Land Mine System: 900 Caps: (20 Rad Mines Remote control by Switch) ( Can be upgraded)

Motion Sensor Upgrade: 2000 Caps (Connects each landmine to a motion senor, or pressure plate) (Pain in the ass to program and wire for each mine. Smaller motion sensor upgrades will be price by amount of sensors wanted)


Working Man Package: 500 Caps: Just want a place to lay your head? Your friends at Pulowski got you covered! (Standard Two story home, One living room, One crafting room, and One Bedroom/Office. Small Power Supplie, Normal doors. Wood or Metal only)

The Hunter Refuge: 1000 Cap: For those that wish to live on the backwoods of Appalachia, this package is made for you! (Cabin-like home. One story. One Bedroom/Office takes up main building. Crafting Garage with power door. Medium Water Collector, 5 Razorgrain, 5 Maze, 5 Mutfruit. Medium Genrator)

Nite-Kid Roost: 1000 Caps: Is Vault Tec the only ones who can live underground? No! Are they the only ones who can do it well? We will see! (Move into a Cave in WV. Power Doors as well as small Generator. Free 'Lighting Bug' Mine System. Optional 'Working Man' Building included. Steel Walls)

(NEW) Brooklyn Brownstone: 2000 Caps: Some people want the city life all the way out in the country. Who are we to say no? (City style Apartment, Brick Walls, 2 to 3 stories depending on land and request. Basic Wiring, lighting, and water purifiers)


(NEW) Survivalist Shopkeep :2500 Caps: Trade makes to world go round, just make sure your the one on top! (Lived in, trap filled storefront with crafting benches.)

Prepper's Stash: 2000 Caps: Never fine yourself on the unprepaired with this home! (Pulowski Patented Airlock system, Defensive Walls, 'Rat Repellent' and 'Lighting Bug' Included. Two to Three Stories, Brick, Steel, or Metal Walls)

Warlord's Bunker :3000 Caps: You want to be protected from nothing short of a Nuclear Missile? Then this is what you desire. (Pulowski Patented Airlock system, 'Rat Repellant' and 'Lighting Bug' Included. Two story building, with a metal outer shell going around the whole building. No visible wires. Max Generator, and Collectors. Other needs added on request.)

Artisan's Domicile: 1000- 3000 Caps: Will it protect you from your fellow man? No. Will it show them who the better man is? Yes, yes it will. (Custom designed 'Fancy' homes. Made to look good more then to protect, these homes are made for those that wish to have a one of a kind, special home. Mountain top retreats to waterfall getaways, these homes and locations are for those who just want a camp that puts looking good, and a 'lived in' look before protection, function and pragmtism)

Survivor Shelter:5000 caps: Who needs comfort when you have the protection of a foot of harden steel, eh? ( One room building. Power doors, multiple wall shells, multiple 'ARC Mark III' systems, Max turrets, Max Generator, traps.)

( All buildings will be fully decorated within the limits of the Base Games Items {No Atomic Shop})


Advisement: 50-300 Caps: (Base on what needs to be added, this is just for someone to look over you camp and see what can be added to give a more 'lived in' feel)

Item Request: 50-100 Caps: (Want something but don't want to buy the plans? Well, say no more! One item is 50-100 caps, with each copy being another 10)

Post Nuclear Party: 100 Caps: Congrats! You survived another day. Time to bust out the balloons and streamers (Balloons, streamers, confetti. Everything you need for a party)

(NEW) Commission Works: 1000 Caps Plus: We will gladly make your dreams come true! (Special request, depends on project)

And remember Pulowski Preservation Services: Purveyors of products there when you actually need them…Which is now

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