[Quality of life]Make Grass stop clipping through floor

fallout 7 - [Quality of life]Make Grass stop clipping through floor

The new bulldozer feature works okay with small trees and rocks, but it would be awesome if it could keep Grass from clipping through floors. You can't tell, but these are foundations, which should make a flat base. What's the point of having grass come through, it looks terrible!

edit: I appreciate all the comments. It is fortunate that most of the time you can simply raise your foundation to cover the grass. In my case however it is not possible. Here is another angle of the outside. As you can see, the front is pretty much maxed as far as height. I did fool around with it before building the rest, but the inner pic above really was the best i could get with the space allowed. I am going to tray again if I can find someplace more level.


This place is meant to be a recreation of The Harper's Ferry Appalachian Trail Conservancy which broke my heart that they didn't include in the game in Harper's ferry. It's such a great place. So I decided to make it myself near harpers as a tribute. Sadly, much of Harper's is hills and gullies, or covered in that red crap. Also, the road that it is on ends in cliffs in the northern part of Harper's ferry so I couldn't even put it where it is supposed to be. /storytime

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