Quest line idea: Humanity lost.

fallout 5 - Quest line idea: Humanity lost.

Just an over detailed idea from someone who can't sleep


Description: An unethical scientist, a willing victim and a beast the likes of which no wastelander should fight. Will you destroy the threat, or use the science behind it to leave your humanity behind.

Info: fight new FEV creatures, in this west tek labs themed quest, in the end you will find a VAT of FEV, will you neutralize it or take the plunge?


start: the quest starts with an automated alert that goes out in the divide. "WARNING WEST TEK, UNDERGROUND LAB VAT OVERLOAD DETECTED, ANY PERSONNEL PLEASE NEUTRALIZE THE VATS." This alert will play to all players who go near west tek's facility. With a quest marker to enter.

From there the player find that there is a locked door in the facility a vault door at that, that requires a keycard. This starts the quest.

note: quest is meant to be repeatable, the idea is the lab has a chemical production line that is constantly making new FEV vats, this is a daily.

Mutant breach: An alert is going across the divide, But I need a keycard to open the door.

objective: search west tek for info on a keycard.

info: the player must search for a terminal and a key in west tek, the terminal will be in the lab the key well in a locker. These point to a home in Huntersville. Once the player goes there and get the key card the next quest will start.

rewards: caps, Rad away, Stim packs, Water, a unique west tek lab coat.

Into the breach: I found a keycard on a dead scientist in Huntersville. Now lets see if I can seal the breach.

objective: enter the west tek facilities Dangerous experiments lab.

info: from here the player is told to check out a terminal, there they will learn the FEV vats deep in the lab are still active, and that many FEV horrors are on teh loose. On top of that they will learn the power is out in the area bellow.

quest play: going through a large dungeon which has almost no light. Seriously pitch black with only a few lights in safe rooms. Other then that it is jsut you, your pip boy, and a large amount of FEV horrors and centaurs.(info bellow).

As you move through the dungeon you will be directed to a control room. There you have two options. Grab the neutralizing agent, or grab a reacting agent.

which one you grab determines the last quest in the line. Neutralize, or Mutate.

Reward: once you get to the vat and make your choice on which item to take, you get some caps and some toxic goo.


info: I have grabbed some neutralizing agent, now I just need to dump it in the vat. The only problem is the rads in the room.

quest: find a way to deal with the rads, then dump the agent into the vat.

rewards: random list bellow.

  • armored hazmat suit (100 DR and 100 ER at level 30, 250 both at 50)
  • Plan: bubble turret
  • Plan: bubble laser turret
  • plan: bubble gattling laser (all three have two version wall and ceiling require power from a passive source 5-30)
  • mutants bane/plan mutants bane (level 1 syringer, frenzies FEV creatures from supermutants to deathclaws.)
  • Plan: serum (RARE as all get out and can be any mutation, including some new and unique ones)
  • serum (can be any mutation including some unique ones)
  • plan: Rad bottle light (glowing yellow or green bottle lights, requires nuclear waste)


info: I grabbed some reacting agent, tossing it in the vat should kill the horrors in the lab but it might mutate me.

quest: same as Neutralize.

rewards: see bellow depends on mutations the player has combines four mutations into one changing the players looks, if player has multiple mutations that can be combined it will just kill the player, so only do this if you have the right combo. Other then that nothing.

Mutation combinations

Info: taking mutate with the right combo of mutations will change the player physically and how the mutations work. note taking a combo removes all mutations and their effects giving the combo one. Note you can regain the original mutations at any time as combo ones do not have the effects of the mutations used to create them.

note: combos require you have all 4 mutations for them, if you don't have the right combo stepping in the vat at the end will kill the player you will still finish the quest but will get a minimal reward.

Super Mutant

mutations required: NONE, aka you need to have No mutations.

visual changes: become a super mutant, though the others will still be hostile.


+60 DR and ER per limb

+100% more damage with heavy weapons and melee weapons

-power armor incompatible: you can not use power armor

-mutants scraps: you can only use armor looted from super mutants (said armor only drops for super mutants)



mutations required: twisted muscles, healing factor, Adrenal reaction, unstable isotope

visual changes: player looks like a ghoul.


+ radiation healing: no longer take RAD damage instead radiation heals.

+ghoul horde: feral ghouls ignore you. (glowing ones, and wendigos are still hostile)

– every 1,000 rads taken loose one INT for 40 minutes. (stacks to -5 for an hour timer doesn't start going down until out of a RAD zone)

-can't use chems of any kind. (they just don't work on ghouls.)


mutations required: Bird bones, eagle eyes, talons, Twisted muscles

visual changes: arms gain wing like growths and yellow scales on the hands in first person.

+telescopic vision: Hit Q when Unarmed to "zoom" your normal vision.

+flight: for 10 AP jump again in air, character "flaps arms"

-Incompatible arms: can not use arm armor, cloths are cut off at the arms.

-Power armor incompatible: you no longer fit in power armor.

lizard man

mutations required: chameleon, speed demon, scaled skin, carnivore

visual changes: imagine an argonian from skyrim mixed with a deathclaw.

+cold blooded: harder to detect while sneaking, if have chameleon mutation allows you to be invisible while moving and shooting as well.

+reptilian minds: deathclaws are not hostile to you.

-Power armor incompatible: can not use power armor.

-deathclaws call: not really a negative but when killed a deathclaw maybe attracked to your location, it will be hostile to all but you.

Creatures added

this quest would introduce two new enemies that spawn in the wasteland, one which spawns with super mutants another which has a roaming horde that if delt with gives great rewards. The beasts are as follows.


info: failed experements with humans, and animals Centaurs where rare, only a few existed in Huntersville before the war and those few where quickly put down. But now there are many.

image: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/b/bc/Centaur.png/revision/latest?cb=20110204015102

game play: slow tanky enemies that spawn rad roaches and spit acid at a range. These FEV mutants can also rip power armor to pieces if they get close so watch out. (high melee damage at 150)


info: not ever person exposed to the FEV became a supermutant, especially after an Encalve operative turned the pumps back on. FEV horrors travel in hordes, and are more or less zombies, as such you can only kill them with head shots or gibing. Think of these like the ghost people unkillable unless dealt with right.

image: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/5/5d/Failed_FEV.png/revision/latest?cb=20110505195534

Gam play: slow stick in packs, impossible to kill with out explosives or headshots, though bloody mess melee can easily gib them taking them out of the fight.

Mutations added

info: ideas for new mutations.


info: enemies that get to close catch fire for 30 damage a second.

downside: Armor takes constant CND damage

Cryo breath

info: scoped weapons do +40 cryo damage to enemies

downside: can not hold breath.

Lone wolf

info: +1 to all special when alone

downside: -1 to all special when in a group

Deathclaw pheromones

info: deathclaws are passive to you

downside: take double damage from mirelurks

Mirelurk pheromones

info: mirelurks are passive to you

downside: take double damage from scorchbeasts

molerat pheromones

info: molerats are passive to you, may spawn two if wounded.

downside: take double damage from explosives

garbage king/queen

info: rad rats and rad roaches are allied with you.

downside: can only eat spoiled food.

Lead bones

info: Limbs can't be crippled and don't take fall damage.

downside: can't swim. (walk under water like in powerarmor.)

EDIT: minor detail fixes.

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