Question about Fallout 4’s sense of character progression and challenge in the late game, compared to Skyrim

fallout 7 - Question about Fallout 4's sense of character progression and challenge in the late game, compared to Skyrim

Hey guys. Short story first. Skyrim was my favorite game of all time, then I was able to play Fallout 4 and I played it for like 60 hours and absolutely loved it. The combat, the better game balance and pacing, weapon and armor customization, settlement building and much more, all of it was so much fun to me I can't even describe it. However my PC broke down two years ago and I can't play the game anymore. And with 60 hours you guys know that it's barely scratching the surface in a Bethesda game haha. Especially for me as I love taking my time and not be rushing all the time.

So, as much as I loved Fallout 4 and played it for quite a while, I still have a big question that I can't seem to find answer for on the internet.

There it goes. As amazing as Skyrim is, around level 81 (the old level cap), or even before we basically max out our character. We reach 100 in our primary fighting skills, all of its perks, and find the best gear and enchant and upgrade it fully. Plus we're super rich and have nothing to spend that money on. This basically almost completely halts our character progression (save for some health, magicka, or stamina upgrade on level up, which isn't much) and it isn't as much fun to play the game anymore as one of our primary goals, growing our character is basically gone. Plus we stop encountering new, stronger enemies around this level so even if we were getting stronger, the game would be too easy (and already is even at Legendary if we max out our character)


So short version of that question is if we level past 80 and beyond in Fallout 4, can we still get more powerful either by leveling, perks or finding new weapons just like we did at the beginning and middle of the game? Plus do we still encounter more powerful enemies on higher levels that provide is with a good challenge? Seeing as Fallout 4 is balanced with no level cap from the beginning I would assume so but I thought I ask as something like this is really important for me. When we hit that progression wall in Skyrim it always makes me sad and forces me to restart the game (not a fan of being forced to restart the game from the beginning to start enjoying it again) as my character doesn't feel like he's getting stronger anymore, and even if, there's no challenge left and game is already too easy. I loved Fallout 4 so much for the short time I played it and I wouldn't want to see that happen in that game as well.

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