[Question] How often do you get completely lost in building?

fallout 8 - [Question] How often do you get completely lost in building?

I was up until almost 3am this morning for about 5 hours working on the building for my Trading Post in Sanctuary.

I'm using the foundation of the house just West of the main character's house and at first, I was going to do something very similar to what I had done last game and make it almost entirely out of concrete. However, I was mixing Wood and Concrete initially, and as these systems have varying dimensions which can lead to gaps, my dormant OCD became inflamed by the poor aesthetics.

I ended up remodeling the entire front because I found the concrete too harsh in appearance, and I like my Settlement buildings to look clean, cozy and welcoming. Also, seeing gaps anywhere makes me crazy. It's going to let in a draft!

I've settled on the light blue Metal walls, but unfortunately, neither the Concrete nor Metal systems seem to have the equivalent of the double-layered Shack Upper Floor piece, which is necessary to avoid gaps between walls/floors and I find it quite odd that 1/4 panels of the same don't exist in any the Wood, Metal or Concrete systems.

Therefore, my trading post must use the Shack Upper Floor piece for stairs because of the way it fills the gaps between walls/floors, Metal for the colorful walls and the Ridged Prewar texture floor piece that I love and finally Concrete for the big walls with see-through mesh and the pipe railings.


I've often tried to incorporate stairs in efficient, compact ways, and having a 1/4 panel of the Shack Upper Floor piece would be such a boon to quick construction! Are Metal and Concrete buildings expected to have only one floor? I know that's not the case, so I'm at a loss as to the absence of such a seemingly critical building piece.

Also, it's strange that the Shack staircase Floor piece is only double-walled on the top and not the bottom. I don't understand this. It's as if you're not supposed to make building with more than one floor.

Still, the learning curve has been so challenging and exciting that I can spend hours just trying things to see how they work together and I wish there was a simple way to record a time-lapse of my building progress!

Probably my biggest gripe is the lack of a spiral staircase. This would save SO much space in some of my buildings! What's more troubling is that they are present in the game in many places, yet we don't seem to have access to them in the Workshop. There's a mod that adds a wooden version, but the design is too busy for me: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7922/ and apparently the mod is no longer available in English because apparently the mod maker was a d-bag and got banned.

I haven't used elevators yet, but that wouldn't work in this case since NPC's will not use them.

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