[Question] Your strategies for playing on Very Hard?

fallout 3 - [Question] Your strategies for playing on Very Hard?

Greetings, Travelers!

After finishing most of the game on Hard, I decided to start a new game as I wanted a new challenge and I was looking forward to applying all that I'd learned previously. Thankfully, it's been far less stressful than I thought, partly because I've had to prioritize certain Perks over others.

I'm especially keen on building better Settlements, and it's been funny how many times that I forgot that I wasn't at a high enough level to establish Supply Lines! I made a real spiderweb in my last game, and had too many Settlers as Provisioners and couldn't staff Stores.

My biggest worry in starting this new game was Weapons and Armor, as I'm VERY squishy now, so making Chems and Meat has suddenly become a top priority. So far, my Legendary drops have been anything but, until I bellowed with joy upon finding this beauty of a Pipe Shotgun!

aOt2cTw - [Question] Your strategies for playing on Very Hard?


I already have a Powerful one, but being able to do extra damage to humans is major as I'm using the Raider Redux mod, which makes Raiders even tougher, and this drop is a real blessing from the RNG gods & goddesses.

Granted, I had already beat feet to Vault 81 so I could buy Overseer's Guardian and WOW, what a difference THAT made!

I had been dreading clearing out the Super Mutants from Revere Satellite Array because the last time on Hard took me several hours to come up with a good tactic as none of my Weapons were packing the necessary punch!


This time, with this Legendary, I was able to take on the dreaded near-invisible Nightkin from the Super Mutant Redux mod, and as long as I dodged their Melee attacks, they went down really quick!

As a Sneak/Sniper build, what other early choices would you make as far as Quests, Locations and Items?

Finally, what reference do you rely upon for Settlement spawn points?

I have Oxhorn's YT vid bookmarked and this has been helpful, but because he's built many of his Settlements to his own liking by Scrapping most of the vanilla buildings completely, it's often very difficult or impossible to correlate the spawn locations in his map with mine.

I found this set of overhead pictures on imgur of each Settlement purportedly showing dots where spawn points are located:


However, these are very inconsistent as some do not appear to mark Spawn locations at all. Also, the pictures are not labeled, so it is difficult to determine which Settlement is pictured.

I've only built up Sanctuary, Tenpines Bluff and Abernathy Farm, and I want avoid extensive rebuilding later on if my Defense setup is not correct.

Is there a better visual guide out there? It seems like the Settlement Management Software mod might be the best way to go.


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