Quinn Walker (My character).

fallout 4 - Quinn Walker (My character).

Vault 117. Portland, Oregon. Before the Great War, only scientists, mathematicians, chemists, psychologists, physicists, and all sorts of the smartest minds were the only ones allowed into Vault 117. Once the bombs dropped and the people were herded into the Vault, the residents realized Vault-Tec’s diabolical schemes. The only way to get out of Vault 117 was to solve a series of puzzles and obstacles that would test the mind of one resident at a time. 200 years went by, generations after generations and no one could escape Vault 117. Until Quinn Walker. At the age of 19, raised by scientists, Quinn Walker solved Vault 117 and proceeded into the Wasteland. From there, he went to the Capital Wasteland and helped defeat the Enclave. Afterwards, he traveled to Mojave Wasteland became a courier, got shot in the head, joined the Brotherhood of Steel and took back Hoover Damn from the Legion. That’s when his life got crazy. Quinn Walker was approached by a mysterious scientist when traveling in the Commonwealth. The scientist told him that he needs Quinn to help him create a time machine to go back in time to stop the Great War from ever happening. The mission didn’t go so well and Quinn was stuck in 2057, 20 years before the Great War. At this time, Quinn is 25. He joined the military, met a girl and started a nuclear family and had a baby named Sean. Quinn was happy. Until the day came. October 23, 2077. Quinn was escorted to Vault 111. He was frozen and 200 years later, he found Sean, became the director of the Institute, made allies with the Railroad and freed the synths. Quinn changed the Institute for the better and it was his mission to help the Wasteland, improve it, make a new world with the Institute’s technology. …and during all of Quinn Walker’s adventures… he never took off his prescription glasses.

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Quinn has a bit of an ego, because of his intelligence, he thinks himself higher than the more “savage” people of the Wasteland. However, Quinn still always helps anyone as much as he can, he strives to do good and even put himself in harms way if it means saving someone. Although, if he can solve a situation using words or find a peaceful resolution Quinn will always try to go that route.

Quinn is a big fan of laser, plasma, weapons. Anything sciency. If you couldn’t tell already, Quinn likes science. (He was jumping up in joy during Old World Blues.)

His stats are always really high Intelligence and really high Charisma then balance out everything else.

He has black hair, pale skin and blue eyes and always wears black square glasses.

Anywho that’s my character, I always play him whenever I play a Fallout game and I use the time travel crap to tie all the games together so that all the games I play as him are somewhat canon but edited a little bit for role-playing purposes.

Oh also he loves Nuka-Cola… but who doesn’t?

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