Fallout spewing flat out lies about fo76

fallout 2 - Fallout spewing flat out lies about fo76

I stumbled onto the following thread on the front page this morning:


“As a player of 76, the games subreddit is delusional.”



The OP apparently claims this sub (fo76) told him that bugs and glitches are his, the player’s, fault. 2083 upvotes.


The post he is referencing was deleted.


Has anyone actually seen this sub genuinely blaming the playerbase for bugs? I must be fu*king blind but it seems like everyone in this sub rails on Bethesda and the bugs and demands change.



In fact, his post is about him carrying around hours worth of looted junk (assume he is using weight glitch) and then fighting extremely hard end game bosses. Hmm, is suggesting he use his brain and deposit junk before giant fights blaming him for the bugs and glitches? You can die at any time and another player can swoop up your dropped bag of junk. That’s not a bug.


The only “fanboy actions” I’ve seen from this sub are people wanting to give Bethesda time to fix the game or actually enjoying the game despite its numerous flaws (and that isn’t even being a fanboy). Literally no one denies this game has an insane amount of issues. No one. People just like the game despite its issues or are hopeful it gets fixed.


Seriously, what kind of horrid, hate-filled cancer is brewing over at fallout. What a fu*king joke.


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