Raider Reputation: A quick guide to dailies

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I haven’t seen this posted before and I understand to some of you this may be common knowledge but I see quite a few people complaining about how slow the grind is and I just wanted to share my method of completing dailies to maximise Raider Reputation.

The Importance of Communication / Retirement Plan
This alternating daily can be gained from Wren or Rocksy in Crater respectively and completed every day. When completing Retirement Plan you should convince the traitor to return to Crater for extra rep. It’s a strength 8 speech check I believe. Return for Rep and Treasury Notes.

Vital Equipment
This is a foundation daily quest but you can use it to acquire Raider Rep by letting the raider thief keep the stolen equipment.

Photo Opportunity
Davenport at the Overseers Home will ask you to photograph either Crater or Foundation. Choose Foundation but instead of returning to Davenport, take the pictures to the guard at Crater. You can also threaten her for a couple extra caps which doesn’t affect your reward. Once done, go back to Davenport to piss him off but get your 3 treasury notes anyway.

Ohio River Adventure
Once you complete a small mission for the dude at the back of this place, you’ll be able to return daily to Blackeye and give her Mirelurk meat. This rewards raider rep!

My Daily Run

I’m camped by Crater, so I start by speaking to either Wren or Rocksy to start my raider daily.

•Toxic Dried Lakebed
I then travel over to the toxic dried lakebed, run past the restaurant and kill the Mirelurk Queen that spawns there and take her meat.

• Overseers Home I then travel over to the Overseers Home to start Photo Opportunity.

• Ohio River Adventure
I then travel over to give 1 Mirelurk Queen Meat to Black Eye.


• Foundation
Then travel over to Foundation and wherever else Photo Opportunity asks you to photograph, and whilst I’m in Foundation I speak to the Settler dude to start Vital Equipment.

• Raider Deserter / Radio Vacuum Tubes
Go to where they’re hanging out and convince them to rejoin the Raiders or go to where the tubes are and find them.

• Vital Equipment
Find the raider thief and tell him to keep the stuff but put in a good word for you. You’ll finish Vital Equipment and get raider rep and treasury notes.

• Crater
Go back to Crater and give the photos to the guard and hand in your quest to wren or Rocksy. If you’re doing Wrens quest, swing by the Guns shop at the back of the settlement and build the Tube at the Tinkers Workbench, then hand it in for reward and treasury notes. It’ll probably guide you to the tinker bench in the Core but that only gives you an extra loading screen so go for the shop.

• Overseers Home
I then hand the Photo Opportunity quest in to Davenport and get my treasury notes.

• Crater
I then finish off back at Crater to hand in my Treasury Notes in the core. Should be 90 per day at least from this one route that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Additional Rep
There’s other methods than dailies to farm rep from random encounters but I haven’t included them in my daily run as they’re not part of it. I only do these if I fancy doing them. Marigold Pavillion and Slocum Joe’s in The Forest often have raider tussles to get involved in and earn some Rep, and there’s a Raider I often run into on the road between Silva Homestead and Hillfolk Hotdogs who’ll give you rep if you say raider stuff to him.

Let me know if there’s anything I missed or some inefficiencies to my process!

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