Rank 29 Overseer with 17 wins. I want to share some tips and strategies + AMA.

fallout 5 - Rank 29 Overseer with 17 wins. I want to share some tips and strategies + AMA.

First, some tips sorted in no particular order:

  1. Be unexpected.
  2. Spawn somewhere away from the name locations. There are a TON of small loot points off the beaten path. You can get just as much loot in these locations, if not more in some cases, all while (usually) avoiding the masses.

-Climb trees, hide behind rocks, etc. Don’t do what the other players expect by just rushing them head on. Play tactically.

-If you down a player, jump back into the shadows, move away but keep your sights on them. More times than not, their teammates will come to their aid, and that’s when you snag another kill/down.

  1. You don’t have to kill everyone you see.
  2. A large reason I even make it to the top 10 players is because I hang back. There is a LOT of time between storm movement. Unless you are extremely far away, you won’t normally have to move until the storm actually starts moving. Use this to your advantage as the majority of players, as far as I see, try to get the the new safe zone as fast as possible. This leads to you being behind a lot of them if you slow down. All that to say this: You don’t have to engage every player you see. If they don’t see me first, I usually don’t shoot unless I am fairly certain I can give do them in. Many games I don’t fight anyone until some of the final circles.

  3. Use everything to your advantage. -CHEMS ARE YOUR MEAL TICKET HERE. Psycho makes that 10mm pistol eat chunks away at the enemy health. Med-X keeps you in the fight longer, and with a good weapon and some skill, you can outgun someone just because you take less damage.

However, most chems don’t stack. I have easily taken out full teams of players in the final circle just because I have an extra +25% damage boost from a chem. That adds a lot of damage to automatic rifles if that’s your playstyle.


-You don’t need an arsenal of weapons. Grab what you can at the start, but once you get closer to the end, drop them. I usually hold a sub machine gun/Handmade(if I can find one) and some kind of secondary, be it Shotgun or even a pistol. It is way more effective to swap to a different weapon in the heat of the battle than it is to try and reload your gun while dodging enemies.

  1. Nukes are deadly but they aren’t game winners.

-Even without armor and no rad-x you can survive in a nuke zone for long enough. Your best bet if a nuke consumes the final circle is to wait as long as possible before entering. Let the less prepared perish in the nuke fires. Then, after entering, if there are a handful of people left, my suggestion is pop a damage increase chem or maybe a damage reducing chem and rush. The ones who are prepared with the hazmat suits or power armors are not expecting a non-“nuke-prepared” player to rush them. Use that to your advantage.

5.Being on a team does not mean you have to be connected at the hip for the entire game.

-In most cases it is actually better to separate for looting, and then rejoin with them as the storm closes in. Share your loot. Divide up your stimpacks. The overall health pool and survivability of the team matters more than your own personal gain. That being said, you don’t have to put yourself out just for the team’s sake. And if you’re being matched with random fill players and you don’t have a microphone, communicate as best you can. Crouch spamming, pip-boy light flickering. Just don’t emote, because I’m fairly certain enemy players see those.

That’s all for now, I’ve got to get back to work. Add your own tips in the comments or ask me questions. I’ll do my best to answer throughout the day.

Thanks and I love you, Plopawert

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