Ready to retake the castle?

fallout 1 - Ready to retake the castle?

Ah, Preston's other overused line. But then, the guy has serious PTSD, and reclaiming Fort Independence for the Minutemen would probably help him to heal.

Anyway, when did you folks decide to retake Fort Independence? (BKA "The Castle") In my first run through of the game, I found taking the fort wasn't difficult. A mirelurk queen and her brood are formidable opponents. But if you keep your wits about you, not overly difficult. Having Preston and a squad of Minuteman fighters certainly helps. In fact, I suspect that Preston, or some other group, could have taken the place long before I (the SoSu) showed up. So why didn't they?

I suspect the issue isn't in taking the castle, but holding it. I found that once the place was under Minuteman control it became a frequent target of raiders, Gunners, and Rust Devils. I guess so long as no faction controlled the castle, the others didn't bother with it. But when that changed it was suddenly on everyone's radar.


I think your ability to hold the castle depends on you settlement network. Once you capture it, you're going to need to repair and re-equip it as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to have several prosperous settlements, all connected with supply lines, in turn connected to the castle. You will also need a few recruitment beacons scattered about, so you can muster the manpower needed to staff it. These should be in place and operational well before you give Preston the go-ahead to assemble a strike team. Also, you're going to need to keep them operational long after you take the castle, because sooner or later one of the larger factions is going to attack you in full force. You will need that support network to hold out. My first run through was cut short when my PS4 crashed, and I never reached that point. But the early signs were starting to appear. It was only a matter of time.

This time I waited a little longer. Preston suggests taking the castle fairly early in-game. So early that it seemed ludicrous! I'm currently at level 41, and only now am I starting to set things in motion for taking it. I now have a string of settlements that are all growing and bringing in different types of resources, but it has taken this long for that support network to develop. I am also delaying part of the main story so that Fort Independence is under Minuteman control well before the Brotherhood of Steel show up with their explosive fascist gas bag, Elder Maxon. And the Pyrdyn.

So when have you folks decided to retake the fort? And what were your reasons for taking it when you did? Sorry that my explanation was so verbose, but I'm a frustrated writer.

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