Real Life Fallout, Please Help.

fallout 4 - Real Life Fallout, Please Help.

Not sure how many of you are aware, but there are currently absolutely enormous fires raging in northern and southern Califronia at this time.

The Woolsey Fire has consumed more than 35,000 Acres and is as of now still 0% contained – its growing at an unstoppable pace, and the number of houses and people affected will sadly only grow. The strong winds have been quickly pushing this inferno to more populated areas (like LA county, Simi Valley, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Malibu, and others)

Between the toxic air and the eradicated neighbourhoods – The landscape created as a result provides a terrifying glimpse into what a real Fallout world looks like.


Due to the worrying about the fire and helping friends evacuate their houses, I've barely gotten a wink of sleep in about 40ish hours (edit: finally to get some sleep now that people I care about are taken care of) – and sadly I've been forced to evacuate myself to a relative's house (managed to get most of my stuff, sadly the streaming PC that I planned to play Fallout 76 on will remain behind – then again I prefer my life and essentials over something I could get replaced at a later time).

I would strongly urge you to get the word out, and send whatever kind of support you can to victims who find themselves displsced, and possibly homeless from these fires.

Here's more info of how to help people affected: abc7.com/amp/how-to-help-those-impacted-by-woolsey-fire-hill-fire/4655150/

Thank you for reading.

Edits: formatting, and adding info.

Sorry for the bad formatting, posting from my phone.


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