Really starting to think there is an effort to hurt this game

fallout 7 - Really starting to think there is an effort to hurt this game

This morning, I read this post about the stealing exploit that's been posted a lot about:

See, I wanted to see if this was true, because I want to be able to trade with others who aren't just my friends. So me friends and I tested it. And we couldn't get it to work. I figured, I wasn't doing it right.

But also like this guy, I was wondering why we hadn't seen any proof, like a video.

I've been reading the forums for about 4 weeks now, and I've been noticing this trend. Someone will start up an angry rant against the game, and we see lots and lots of posts about it pop up all over the place.

Like all the posts angry at the Atomic Shop and earning Atoms. The whole argument centers around the price of things, vs how many Atoms you can earn playing the game.


All the people claiming to that it's only a little, say, We can look at the challenges and figure out how much you can earn. But the thing is, I get atoms for challenges all the time, that aren't listed under the Challenges. Like take a picture in a hat. Bam, 10 Atoms. If they were really playing the game, wouldn't they know this as well? But when you point that out, they never respond.

And before that, after the December 4th patch, when they didn't list they had changed the scraps to ore and the lower fusion cores, there suddenly all these claims of other nerfs. Like how bears don't drop springs anymore, so how are you going to get the springs you need? All of the unmentioned nerfs turned out to be lies. But all of that made people think that stealth nerf meant they changed how stealth worked.


EDIT: I took out the speculation about stuck water purifiers, as a lot of people spoke up about it an I believe them, that it's real.

After todays patch, it will be interesting to see what kinds of claims start cropping up.

Conspiracy theories often mostly whooey. But groups have been known to band together to try and tank something. Like the Sad and Rabid Puppies who went after the Hugo awards.

There seems to be a semi-organized attack on FO76.

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