Recently started playing FO NV, thanks to this sub

fallout 4 - Recently started playing FO NV, thanks to this sub

I guess this is a rant… I’ve mostly been into the classic Fallout games (FO1, FO2 & Tactics). Games like Fallout 2 made me love pc games in my childhood. Initially I was extremely excited when Fallout 3 released. I played it for some time, but to be honest it left me disappointed. The same with Fallout 4. The engine, style, stories and quests just didn’t do it for me and there is a disconnect with the classics. I kept on getting the feeling that I’m playing Skyrim with guns.

I’ve recently decided to give Fallout NV a try, seeing as many people recommended it instead of FO76. I have to say it is my favorite of the “newer” versions by far. I love that many items, music and themes from the classics carried over to NV.

The one thing that still frustrates the hell out of me is the buggy engine and gameplay. Look, I know the classics had their fair share of bugs, but at least it didn’t ruin the gaming experience every hour.


I guess that what I want to say with this post is that if you haven’t played the originals do yourself a favor. Yeah the turn based style is different and the graphics suck compared to modern games, but suck it up and finish them. The thing is, these games created the franchise. They are challenging, captivating and true classics. I really hate what this franchise has become. How the newer versions use nostalgia to make a quick buck.

For the sake of the Chosen One, before you dare spend a penny in an online store to buy a stupid decal, buy and play the classics. Seriously? Micro transactions in Fallout? This is the type of thing the classics would have made fun of and ripped to pieces!

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