Regardless of wether or not duping is fixed, the damage has been done and it is the number one issue in pvp encounters

fallout 6 - Regardless of wether or not duping is fixed, the damage has been done and it is the number one issue in pvp encounters

TL;DR god tier weapons should be extremely rare but the trading groups disapprove this. Not only are they not rare, they always seem to have the exact same perks meaning it more plausible that these weapons are duped rather than found.

Duped legendaries are everywhere and I'd wager that all the meta ones such as TSE, bloodied, sentinel ect, were all made by dupers. Legendary items are and always have been quite rare, with decent ones being extremely hard to find and god tier ones being unheard of. I did some sleuthing to try and figure out if it could be possible to have so many god tier items in circulation or if the ones on the markets are counterfeits.

When 76 first launched, I figured out pretty quick that watoga hospital had a guaranteed legendary everytime you server hopped. I spent hours farming three star legendaries to the point where I was constantly dropping items I didn't want. I never once saw a TSE, or anything even remotely close. My best weapon found was a two shot radium Rifle and that was after countless hours over a week of farming. I will admit that while I did farm it religiously, I could have gotten poor rng. So I decided to to look further a field.

Around the time of my farming, another popular and arguably better location was whitesprings. Pre and post nuke whitesprings offered the highest chance of finding legendary enemies. Because of this, players would farm constantly and then after 1000s of pounds of gear they would sell all their stuff to make a profit. I responded to dozens of sellers and browsed many players wares. Out of over a hundred players, I only came across a handful of God tier weapons, none of which the sellers would part with. I asked them all if they had found or seen much of these items and I always got the same response, that they rarely saw them and when they did most people held on dearly to them.

So I was under the impression at that point that despite my findings, these weapons were starting to flood the marketplace. I didn't really consider duping being the reason until I finally found my first god tier legendary. I found a furious explosive submachine gun and was looking to trade it as I don't use smgs. I made a post on lfg and within an instant I had many people willing to trade. I joined the first persons game and was greeted and told how long they'd been looking for my weapon. I thought to myself, oh he must be a collector until I opened up the trade menu. He had stacks of 100s of every legendary that people would want. I asked him how and he told me honestly he duped them. I was hoping to make a meaningful trade with someone for my gun, and trading it to a duper would not give me that. So I moved on and tried the next person interested. It was the same thing with them.


I started to realise where the weapons came from, some dupers are very clever, duping guns they predict will be the next meta. Why you always see many people selling bloodied or TSE. But there never seems to be an influx of three star ghoul slayers weapons. These weapons would have no inherent value when looking at the potential PvP meta. When the banned of dupers came I expected Bethesda to do something and the excess of duped items but they didn't. You see, while Bethesda removed stacks of these items, they left one of each and as most of you know, mules exist. So these weapons lived on in the current economy despite dupers getting banned.

One of the other explanations for my theory, and this like most is pure speculation, but it's based on the perks of three stars. To my knowledge, the way the game selects the perks for the items is random aside from say rolling two shot and instigating. Because of this, if these weapons were truly found they would always possess a third random perk. This is not the case, as most of the top tier weapons have the same roll. Do you have a TSE handmade, is its third perk move faster while ads? What about a bloodied deathclaw gauntlet, is it's two extra perks swing speed and strength. Thing about how hard it is to find god tiers to begin with, then imagine finding two with the exact same roll. It's extremely rare, but if you went to buy one of the previous weapons I bet you'll find the perks I listed are the ones everyone is selling.

It's pretty obvious duped weapons are still here but I wanted to express my finding, despite being amateurish, as it paints a better picture and allows us to understand. With the news of the legendary vendor, it's only going to get worse unless Bethesda figure out a way to remove duped weapons from circulation and get rid of duping permanently.

If I got anything wrong let me know,

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