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I reported two individuals for duping just last week and just received personal confirmation yesterday that their accounts had been terminated. If you hear of someone duping, or you are trading with them and see 100s of explosive shotguns or items report them. We don't need to wait for Bethesda to find it themselves. This is direct from Bethesda's page.

To report a player for abuse, exploitation, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior, please capture a screenshot or video of the exploiter and submit your report by doing the following:

  1. Go to http://help.bethesda.net/ and select Fallout 76
  2. Select "Submit a Ticket"
  3. Select "Report Player"
  4. Select the most appropriate category for your report.
  5. Attach any supporting documents, if desired.

Fill out the information requested describing the actions the other player made and submit your ticket.


Our Customer Support team investigates every issue reported and takes appropriate action whenever necessary. To protect individual privacy, we do not disclose the outcome of our investigation.

EDIT: I would like to note that the confirmation that they were banned was my own, Bethesda didn't provide said details. To quote my response below "The confirmation wasn't from Bethesda. Both individuals were on my friends list because I had doubts that Bethesda would do anything and sure enough they aren't on my friends list anymore once I received response, and I reached out to them both to trade and both stated that they were banned."

EDIT2: A link to my ticket response https://imgur.com/gdw5I8c

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