Results of a 12 hour material grind session.

fallout 6 - Results of a 12 hour material grind session.

This got long winded so here's the summary: You can gather enough resources in less than 12 hours to make over 100 seperate donations. Here is how I did it. Do with that information what you will.

Insomnia hit hard last night so I decided to do a 12 hour material gathering grind session. My focus was cork, concrete and steel.

In 12 hours play time, probably closer to 8 hours of legit grinding I accumulated: -15,978 steel (+ roughly 2k used to craft ammo) -2,711 concrete -999 cork -3,487 plastic -3,291 wood -2,340 cloth -1,287 leather -1,921 glass

It took me about 3 hours of experimenting to work out my routine and I had server issues that resulted in a frusting 90 minutes of frequent disconnects, so the bulk was earned in 4-6 hours of semi optimized grinding.

I used a private server first thing I would do was claim Abandoned Bog Town, rather than build when waiting for the defense event I would clear all the super mutants from the other side of town and scrap their weapons for steel and grab the 13 bags of concrete in town (1 by the tinker bench, 1 in the back warehouse building with 1 mutant master and hound and 11 on the second floor of the partially destroyed building the ramp goes up to). After defending I built my concrete excavators, plopped down a collectron and moved onto claiming the next workshop. I was running Bogtown with the 3x concrete excavators and collectron – Dabney Homestead with 1x concrete, 1x junk, 1x wood and a collectron – Sunshine Meadow 1x concrete, 1x junk and a collectron and Gorge Junkyard 1x concrete, 1x junk, 1x wood and collectron.


After setting up the workshops I started my farm runs, I would pause and go defend immediately for Bogtown and Dabney, I waited for retake events for Sunshine and the Junkyard.

For farm runs I started with White Springs, then to Bolton Greens and Hemlock holes. I grabbed all golf balls and glassware I encountered. After the cork run I would run Westek once grabbing all weapons for steel, after Westek off to all the workshops to to collect resources. Then Elevated Monorail to grab concrete, weights and golf balls (4). Finally off to RG behind site Charlie for another 10 bags of concrete. Quick trip home to empty my ammo collector and collectron and then back to the workshops to collect resources. Finally to make sure I picked up enough items for everything to respawn I finished with a short lead run (Green Country Lodge, Charleston Fire Department, Prison, VTU) empty the resources at all the workshops finishing at Bogtown and then server hop.

If I hadn't had so many disconnect issues I would have claimed Charleston Landfill for junk, graton steel yard and dolly sods for wood and lead but the game wouldn't cooperate.

Now that I finish writing this, I am thinking no one will care 😛

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