Revenge is a dish best served with explosives

fallout 3 - Revenge is a dish best served with explosives

Summary for people who hate reading: Two griefers attacked my dads camp so I leveled theirs.

I've been enjoying 76 for awhile now and with alot of pressure I was able to get my reluctant father and lover of every other fallout game to pick up a $30 copy of the game. He was reluctant because he didnt want other people to be able to wander up to his base and decide to ruin all his hard work. Hes been enjoying it and slowly progressing through it. We often play together and I help him take down tougher mobs or power level him up a few levels here and there so he can get some perks. I'm level 115 and hes a 34 and today I was sitting in the living room working on a some homework and he was playing 76 doing his daily challenges when two lvl 50+ griefers show up and decide to almost destroy his entire camp. He tells me whats going on and I rush to my Xbox to help but for some reason its not letting me sign in. I go back to tell him just to leave the game and that I would help him rebuild later he wouldnt do it. He wanted them dead but he is just getting murdered repeatedly so I commit their gamer tags to memory. They eventually get bored and leave the server each with 200+ bounty. My dad defeated, quits and leaves the house to go run some errands.


I eventually get my account working and log into 76. I search their gamertags and find them both online but due to their privacy settings I could not join them directly. I decide to message one of them amd tell him I was disconnected and asked for an invite so that I could reclaim my workshop. He sent the invite and I joined their game. I went straight to my base and crafted a lot of mirv grenades. Then I followed from a distance till they eventually lead me back to the apparent leaders camp. It was extensive with a fusion generator a large adhesive farm and some shiny new turrents and even an junk extractor. I waited for them to go back out to do whatever they were doing. Then I thew my mirvs into the farm and into his fully furnashed building. Then continue to unload with my furious explosive handmade. They both show up but they are melee build and with speed demon and marsupial I easily evade them continuing to unload into there base eventually leveling everything except for a few ceiling pieces. Then dart into the woods and leave the server.

I got some lvl 10 guy near vault 76 to clear my 400 cap bounty. When my dad got home I showed him the video I took with the Xbox screen recorder. I have never seen him so happy.

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